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If you are worried you should go and see a qualified medical practitioner (a doctor).

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What causes a red burning rash under the armpit?

Alcohol in deodorants

What causes a burning itchy red body rash?

you scratch yourself alot in one spot

What causes a red burning itching rash on face and neck?

That can be anything from a heat rash, Eczema, dermatitis. The best thing to do is not to touch it and if it doesn't go away (or it gets worse) within a couple days, consult a physician.

What causes a Skin rash with red lines?

Poison ivy often causes red lines in the rash.

How do you get rid of a burning face?

My Mother is 90 years old and is complaining with a burning sensation on her face. It also turns red like a rash. She often has headaches and she also has eye problems but we don't know if these are connected. Thank you!

What is Red burning rash on penis that water irritates?


What causes you to have a red nose or a butterfly rash?


What is stubble rash?

stubble rash is when you've been kissing a guy with stubble and you get left with a red rash around your face

What are red spots on your face?

It could be just a rash or acne.

Can chocolate cause a red lumpy rash on the face?

Yes if you are allergic to it.

What would be red pinprick like itchy burning rash on legs and arms?


What is a red burning rash on the inside of your thighs?

Possibly your thighs rubbing together when you walk?

What causes seborrhea?

Seborrhea is caused by heavy sebum production. It is a chronic skin condition that could lead to a red, scaling rash on the scalp, torso, ears and face.

What kind of rash on your head causes red and white pimples?

seboric dermintitist

What causes red bumps on hands and feet they start out purple the they turn red?

A Rash, Hives, Or an Infection.

What automine disorder that is characterized by a red scaly rash on the face and upper trunk?


What kind of rash is red burning itchy and warm to touch and spreading from neck face to arms?

It could be hives, an allergic reaction, or any number of things. It's best to call a dermatologist immediately.

What causes a red painful belly button?

a yeast infection or rash. use diaper rash cream and it will get better within a day or two.

What causes red pin pricks spots on your face and in the mouth?

What causes u to have red pin pricks on the face and all in the back of your throat

Why do you have a red blotchy itchy rash on your face?

could be an allergic reaction see DR asap

Is an autoimmune disorder that is characterized by a red scaly rash on the face and upper trunk?

lupus erythematosus

Does putting Vaseline on your face make you get pimples?

It can. I know if i use certain products on my face or skin I break out in pimples or a red rash.

Does alcohol hurt your skin?

yes it does, it sometimes causes red rash and red spots, plus itch for some people.

What is the cause of a burning red rash under the breasts?

Most common cause is heat rash. Stay home, go topless and apply a cool wet rag to the area.

What would cause a red blotchy skin rash on the thigh?

Erthyma Multiforma - not sure what causes it.