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What causes a ruptured spleen?

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Because of the spleen's position in the abdomen, a severe blow to the stomach area can rupture the spleen, tearing its covering and the tissue inside and can be caused by car accidents, athletic mishaps, and beatings. When the spleen ruptures, a large volume of blood may pours out into the abdomen. The spleen's tough outer covering may contain the bleeding temporarily, but surgery is needed immediately to prevent life-threatening blood loss. A ruptured spleen makes the abdomen painful and tender. Blood in the abdomen acts as an irritant and causes pain; the abdominal muscles contract reflexively and feel rigid. If the blood leaks out gradually, no symptoms may occur until the body's blood supply is so depleted that blood pressure falls and not enough oxygen can reach the brain and heart. Symptoms of low blood pressure and lack of oxygen include light-headedness, blurred vision, confusion, and loss of consciousness (fainting).

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Can a ruptured spleen cause your appendix to become bad?

A ruptured spleen will not affect your appendix.

Does ruptured spleen heal itself?

Ruptured spleen does not heal itself. You have to go for surgical repair. Ruptured portion has to be removed.

What can be done to avoid a ruptured spleen?

dont rupture your spleen

Bladder distension after colonoscopy and ruptured spleen?

Ruptured spleen is a possible complication after a colonoscopy. Read the articles on a google search.

Ruptured spleen is in what quadrant?


How are complete splenectomies performed on ruptured spleens?

Complete splenectomy.REMOVAL OF RUPTURED SPLEEN. When the spleen has been ruptured by trauma, the surgeon approaches the organ from its underside and fastens the splenic artery.

What quadrant would a ruptured spleen be in?


Is a ruptured spleen life threatening?


What quadrant is ruptured spleen?

Left upper

When you rupture your spleen does the blood leak out like a period?

The blood from a ruptured spleen can't get out through the vagina.

Ruptured spleen in french?

Rupture de la rate

What is the medical term meaning a haemorrhage from a ruptured spleen?


Does first aid care of elevating limbs help with a ruptured spleen?

No. In fact it may worsen it by increasing the amount of blood flowing to the torso. A ruptured spleen must be treated surgically.

What is the medical term meaning bursting forth of blood from the spleen?

Splenorrhagia is the term meaning hemorrhage from a ruptured spleen.

Can an enlarged spleen burst open?

Yes, though the term everyone uses is "ruptured." A ruptured spleen is mildly painful, but bleed profusely into your abdominal cavity, and is an emergency. The condition can lead to death.

How many people have suffered ruptured spleen during cesarean?

I don't know, but I actually had a ruptured spleen and bruised liver during my emergency c-section. It was very traumatic and very painful!!

What happens if you smoke tobacco with a ruptured spleen?

You can smoke tobacco with a ruptured spleen, but I wouldn't recommend it. Coughing might cause some discomfort and further damage your health. Smoking is not good for you anyway.

What causes splenic trauma?

The most common cause of injury to the spleen is blunt abdominal trauma.often caused by a direct blow to the belly, car and motorcycle accidents. ruptured spleens may have been preceded by.infections.cancer.diseases of the spleen.

How long does it take to die from a ruptured spleen?

one to five days

What are symptoms of a ruptured spleen?

Click on the link below for more information.

How dangerous is splenomegaly?

splenomegaly (enlarged spleen) could cause the spleen to rupture. The principal of my elementary school had a pet Saint Bernard that died from a ruptured spleen.

What make the spleen so vulnerable to serious injury?

Because by drinking fertiliser the pituitary gland swells, causing a ruptured spleen

Why did jimi Hendrix mom die?

Ruptured spleen on Feb. 1, 1958

What could be the cause of pain in the spleen?

Spleen pain could be caused by many factors. One of the primary causes is the enlarged spleen which can indicate other types of infections ranging from blood cancers to liver diseases. Sometimes car accidents can also lead to ruptured spleen. An enlarged spleen can also result in other medical conditions such as Hodgkin's disease, leukemia and liver cirrhosis.

What rhymes with time machine?

ruptured spleen? I'm feelin' green? You're mean?

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