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A pool will usually turn green due to a growth of some sort. Normally salt water helps prevent this but you may need to use chemicals to flush your pool before resuming activities safely within it.

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Q: What causes a salt water pool to turn green?
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Salt water pool green?

Algae buildup will cause a salt water pool to turn green. A clogged filter will allow the algae to buildup in the pool.

How do you fix a green salt water pool?

To fix a green salt water pool, add chlorine. Users can also add algae prevention chemicals to keep the pool from turning green.

Why would a salt water swimming pool turn blonde hair green?

It is not the salt water pool or the salt water that is turning your hair green. It is a poorly maintained pool with a chemical imbalance - pH and total alkalinity out of required parameters.

What causes the salt to rise in your pool?

What causes the salt level to rise in a pool

What causes Loss of salt in a salt water pool?

Backwash's, pool overflowing as a result of rain or overfilling, water being splashed over the side. swimmers taking out water on their body's as they get out of the pool and my dog drinking the pool water.

Green water in salt water pool?

algae will make water in a saltwater pool green If boosting the chlorine doesn't clear it up pool shops will have algaesides and floculants to the water clear again.

High pH in salt water pool?

The Chlorine generator is what causes the high PH and its not a Salt Water Pool Hmmm....if it's not a salt water pool then why is there a chlorine generator? Just use your test kit and add acid when the pH is high.

Why does your salt water pool keep turning green?

most bodies of water have salt in them, correct? and most bodies of water have moss in them, correct? so if your pool has salt in it, and is under sunlight, its going to produce moss!

How often do you test the water in a salt pool?

You test a salt water pool the same as an ordinary pool where it comes to testing the chemical balance of the water. Most importantly check for free chlorine regularly. testing for salt can be done less often as the only thing that causes los of salt is backwashing water being splashed out of the pool and overflowing of the pool in the case of rain.

How do you convert a fresh water pool to a salt water pool?

Add salt

Do you add salt to the pool water?

There is two types of pools: Chlorinated pools and salt water pools. If you have a salt water pool then yes, you would add salt to the pool.

Are Salt water pool filter different from fresh water pool filters.?

Salt water pool filters are the same as fresh water pool filters.

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