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Somethings like scratching, when taking a shower and scrubbing to hard, friction, not proper cleaning, a tag on your pants ( that happen to me), animal bite, insect bite, sex (i know sound crazy but friction) can cause scabs on your butt crack. If you still cant figure out how you should go to your skin doctor or just regular doctor.

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What causes scabs on butt cheeks?

It can be caused by a few things. One of which is not scrubbing your butt in the shower; another is sitting or sleeping on your butt while damp or sweaty. I have them and their nasty.. :-$

What causes scabs?

Scratching a bite causes scabs

What is the butt crack?

The butt crack is a line in the butt area . It creates two butt cheeks . If it weren't for the but crack , your butt would be one big lump ! ! ! How awkward would that be ? ? ?

Can you get a staph infection in butt crack?

these days, you can get anything in a butt crack.

What does a butt crack look like?

Well you see, it looks alot like a crack, in the butt that is

What is the line down your butt called?

butt crack

What does it mean to have scabs inside your nose?

When scabs are present in the nose it is usually due to dry air and lack of moisture in the nasal passages. If the nose is dry for an extended period it will crack and bleed causing scabs.

Can you crack your butt?


How did you get a crack in your butt?

You are born with it.

What is the origin of tobacco?

my butt crack

What is the top of the butt crack called?

Sacroiliac area, sacrum, coccyx or coccygeal area, or it can be referred to as the top of the natal cleft (butt crack).

What does Mudfever cause?

on howrse its causes painful sores and scabs

Why does my butt have a crack?

Either of the two rounded prominences on the human torso that are posterior to the hips and formed by the gluteal muscles and underlying structures. These two butt cheeks form what you call a butt crack.

How do you get rid of butt crack hair?


Do girls have butt crack hair?


Are girls suppose to have hair on the butt crack?


What is the history of compact bones?

Butt Crack -_-

Cat has bumps and scabs on his butt and tail?

Bumps and scabs on a cat's tail is an indication of a common problem called miliary dermatitis. There are many causes of this and one of them is allergy brought about by fleas. A secondary cause is over grooming because a cat's tongue is rough. It may damage the skin if it is too itchy.

What causes scabs on a cats skin?

it's where cats fight and the scabs form over like a persons skin hope this helps you

What actors and actresses appeared in Butt Crack... The Series - 2012?

The cast of Butt Crack... The Series - 2012 includes: Vanessa Bednar

Another name for a butt?

Butt cheeks, butt crack, booty, booty cheeks, booty crack, pancakes, cake, crack, cheeks, fanny, keister, ass, ass crack, ass cheeks, arse, plumber's crack, butt cleavage, wedges, melons, donuts, buns, dupie, dupa, grand canyon, gorge, mountains, behind, patootie, pooper, caboose, derierre, engine, motor, backside, sandwich,

What is a butt cheak?

It's actually spelled butt-CHEEK and it's a half of your butt. Your butt-crack splits the butt into halves , making the two butt cheeks.

Does picking scabs cause skin cancer?

No it does not cause cancer. Cancer is the uncontrolled abnormal growth of cells. Picking scabs causes scars.

Where is your butt crack?

It is between the two muscles called the gluteus maximus. These form the "butt cheeks".

What is a butt hess?

a butt hess is the spot before the crack which people usually say is hanging out

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