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That's wayyy too general. A bump on the stomach could be a rash, a pimple, a tumor or an insect bite. To know for sure (and if its causing you problems), please contact a health professional. ~ T

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Q: What causes a small red bump on the stomach?
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What STD causes a red bump?

It might be Syphilis.

Small red bump on side and top of tongue and feels swollen and burnt I recently had a tooth pulled?

small red bump on the tongue is the intimation or symptoms of tongue ulcer.

What does a swollen taste bud look like?

It is a small white bump on your tongue. it might start out as a red bump.

Small red spots on stomach?

Small red spots on your stomach could be an irritation from a detergent or lotion. If it gets worse or spreads, visit you doctor

What could cause a small red bump on your tonsil?

it could be an infection that might have caused it.

What do red bug bites look like?

Small red bumps. Small dot in the middle. Clear sticky substance sometimes oozing from the bump. Extremely itchy.

What do horsefly bites look like?

Horsefly bites are red and form a small bump on the skin. The bump turns hard and may develop a pustule on top.

What causes small red dots on the skin?

A variety of factors can cause small red dots on the skin. Infectious causes of red dots on the skin include measles and chicken pox.

Red bump behind your ear?

no red bump behind my ear. behind my ear it just sore

What could a small purplish red bump on your butt be?

A boil - it's just a tiny skin infection.

What causes a Red welt rash on stomach after swimming in pool?

from jumping into the water rele fast on ur stomach, like when u jump stomach first it rele hurts,

What is it if you have a small hard painful red bump on your underarm?

If you shave your underarm, it could be ingrown hairs that got infected.

Red bump on back I have a red bump size of a penny 14 inch bumped up red hurts when I touch it. right on the spine line between shoulder blades.what is it?

Your Shoulder can move downward, and can cause a red bump and swelling. If blood collect around your spine and shoulder is can cause a red bump and discomfort. Or it could be a type of injury

For a navel piercing Is a small red lump on the top hole normal?

Sometimes you will get a small scar that feels like a bump when you get a new piercing. It's normal.

What causes red lumps on dogs stomach?

There are several reasons why a dog would have red bumps on their stomach. Some of these reasons are, allergies, chemicals, and fleas. Take the dog to the vet and have the vet determine what it is and be treated.

Bump on your stomach right above your belly button that started out being red and itchy now it hurts When you squeeze it puss comes out but the bump is still hard What is it and what should you do?

Nobody could tell you what that is without looking at it. You should see a doctor.

What does red marks on your stomach mean?

small red marks in any part of your body symbolizes that you're a lucky person.

What are small bumps on stomach but don't itch not red don't hurt?

Just a rash

What is papules?

A papule is a small bump found on the skin that is inflamed but does not produce pus. They can be brown, pink, red, or purple in color.

What is a temporary small red bump on face with a white center goes away after about an hour?

maybe just a skin irratation

What is the difference between inflammatory acne and noninflammatory acne?

Inflammatory ance is red and irritated. Noninflammatory is just a small bump.

What causes red blotchy spots on your stomach if you're not pregnant?

Red, blotchy spots on your stomach definitely isn't pregnancy related. It may be a allergic reaction to perfume, soap products, clothes fibres. Anything.

Very sore throat and a small red bump in the back of your throat what could it be?

the bump could be caused by infection or friction from lack of bile. This is associated with cold/flu like symptoms as the cilia hair is restricted, letting bacteria into the throat and causing a rash or bump.

What could a small red bump that is not hard painful or giving discharge be that is on the inner lips of the vagina?

you have aids, no jk its probably herpes

Why is a red bump on your penis?

Herpes. why is a red bump on my dick.. Ummm.....not really supposed to be there....interesting question....

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