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A speedometer that loses response time but gets up to the speed of the vehicle probably has a problem with a gear slipping inside the speedometer mechanism. This sometimes happens in older vehicles. The speedometer cable may have to be replaced to fix this problem.

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Do you have the correct size tires/wheels on the vehicle? Look on the driver's door post or in your owner's manual for the correct size. Incorrect size tires will effect the accuracy of the speedometer. If you are running the correct tires then the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) may need replacing.

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If I replaced the vehicle speed sensor on my 1996 maxima SE 3.0L V6 and my speedometer still doesn't work and when i hook up my OBD2 it still reads code P0500 vehicle speed sensor can anyone help?

Either the wire from the VSS to the speedometer is bad or your speedometer is bad. A common problem with this vintage of Maximas is for the speedometer head unit to go bad. The VSS sends the signal to the speedometer and the speedometer relays it to the computer - therefore, if the speedometer is bad, you would get a P0500 code. On my car, the speedometer displayed the correct speed but replacing it fixed the CEL. The speedometer costs around $200 (not including labor) and you will have to drop another $25 to get it set to the correct mileage. The replacement can be done by a competent home mechanic in 2 hours. Expect to spend several hundred dollars on labor at the dealer.

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