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It's probably just a sign of maturity the same as 30 yr old men sometimes fill out a bit when they reach their prime, very often so do cats, if your really concerned ask your vet but in most circumstances this is normal X

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Which is heavier a baseball bat or a Fielder's glove?

A baseball bat is bigger and heavier .

Which is bigger Uranus or Neptune?

Uranus is a little bit bigger if you measure it with Neptune, but even though Uranus is bigger- Neptune is actually heavier if you measure their weight. Which means even if Uranus is bigger, Neptune is heavier.

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Bigger magnets are used for heavier objects.

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A pound is much heavier (or bigger) than a gram.

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The average horse is a lot bigger and heavier than the average lion.

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Lions are considerably bigger and heavier than cheetahs.

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Yes tortoise are much bigger and heavier then turtles.

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No, 1.8 ounces is heavier (bigger)

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NO!!!!!!! but CHUCK NORRIS is!!!

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actually a hippo is heavier

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The Wandering Albatross is bigger in terms of Wingspan but the Condor is heavier

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the kilogram is bigger than a gram

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They are taller but not necessarily heavier.

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Most likely the Panda Because Panda is heavier and bigger than lion so a panda can knock out the lion with his advantage of being heavier and bigger.

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Well technically weight has nothing to do with "bigger" but what I think your looking for it heavier, and 900 is heavier then 1 gram. Although if you're some sort of psychotic guy and is in fact looking for what is bigger. 900 grams of something would be bigger if it was the same object (without compression)

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A blue whale or a large whale species is bigger and heavier than a bus.

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Bigger cc = bigger motor = more power. But also heavier bike.

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No, the Britannic was bigger by about 29 metres in length and over 9000 tons heavier.

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By The Term 'Bigger' If You Mean Heavier Then Yes, Muscle Does Weigh More Then Fat.

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There are 16oz in 1lb, therefore 1lb is bigger (heavier) than 6oz

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Yes, the Boeing C17 is much bigger and heavier than the 747.

How heavy is a softball?

there bigger than a base ball but not much heavier.

What can get bigger without getting heavier?

plasma the 4th state of matter

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It depends on the particular species of beetle and centipede and also what you mean by bigger? Longer, heavier?