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What causes a thump in the transmission of a 1999 Tahoe on pulling out?

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In 2004, my 99 Tahoe had a thump when i changed gears. I changed the u joint and that was it, total cost 12.00.

its the yoke sliding in and out of your transfer case.. there is no real fix for it, its been a problem on Tahoe's and blazer, gm says to grease the yoke which does help but after a month or so of driving the noise comes back again...

2011-09-13 22:22:24
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Why does transmission thump with rapid acceleration?

Could be broken mounts.

Is speed sensor cause to thump noise while slowing down to stop in AT cars?

AnswerA speed sensor wont thump but a speedometer cable might go thump, thump, thump, if it is rubbing against the casing. Also sometimes the transmission will feel as if it thumps when it downshifts.Could also be a warped brake rotor causing that when stopping.

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check the front cv joints and make sure it in not in 4 wheel drive There is no 4 wheel drive on a Tahoe limited.

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