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What causes a toilet to automatically start and stop running without being flushed?

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2007-08-17 18:03:08

Most toilets are controlled by float valves that start filling

the tank when the water level drops. If the toilet is filling

repeatedly without the toilet being flushed, then your problem is

the stopper flap that is located at the bottom of the water tank on

the back of the toilet. It probably has a small leak that is

causing the water level to drop, which causes the float to fall,

therby opening the fill valve which refills the tank after a flush.

Try to see if the chain that is attached to the handle is stuck in

the opening, or if there is some obvious reason why the flap is not

sealing properly. Your problem can most likely be fixed by

replacing the flap valve. 545Bad flapper. Easy to repair, no

plumber needed.

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