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Water swishing noise may be due to a seriously underfilled radiator-- the shop rushed the job and did not clear the air pocket inside the engine. With cool engine, remove radiator cap, and ensure the coolant is right up to the lower lip of the filler neck. Replace cap, and drive. Recheck again the next time engine is cool. Also, make sure your coolant reserve bottle is at least 1/3 full when cold. Remember, never remove a radiator cap when the engine is at all warm.

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Q: What causes a water swishing noise in the bay of a subaru Impreza which recently had new radiator fitted?
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What causes a 91 subaru impreza to overheat?

A 1991 Subaru Impreza might overheat because of a leaking cooling system or because of a damaged thermostat. You might also have a damaged or leaking radiator or a cooling fan that is not working.

What causes radiator leaks?

a hole in the radiator

What causes oil and water mix in the radiator?

Blown Head Gasket

What causes your car radiator water level to reduce?

There are several causes that will reduce the water level in your car radiator. The most common cause is evaporation. Engine overheating will also reduce the radiator water level.

What causes radiator hoses to collapse?


What cause engine to run hot on a PT cruiser?

Normal causes are low coolant and an inoperative radiator fan.Normal causes are low coolant and an inoperative radiator fan.

What causes a mist coming from the radiator cap when the engine is shut off?

Consider replacing your radiator cap . .

What causes a radiator to boil over in a minute?


What causes pressure in a radiator?

Expansion of the water inside due to heat causes the system to be pressurised.

What causes an automatic transmission to fail to up-shift?

a bad radiator -automatic portion of radiator not cooling off transmission

What causes a cracked radiator?

There are various things which could cause a cracked radiator. You should try to consult a professional on the matter.

What causes a gurgling sound in 1997 Honda civic?

Airpocket(s) in the cooling system. Did you flush your radiator recently? If you didn't then it might be cracked, and letting air in, or the fluid might be low.

What causes the diff noise on Impreza?

The Diff oil ir either needing changed or topped up, if its a whining noise that is.

Why does the air in my 2002 pt cruiser not get that cold on a hot day?

Possible causes include an inoperative radiator fan and low freon levels.Possible causes include an inoperative radiator fan and low freon levels.

What causes the radiator to smoke?

Smoke from the radiator would be do to a leak evaporating off of it. Find the leak repair or replace necessary parts.

What are Causes of leaking radiator fluid?

loose/cracked radiatior hoses

What is it in front of the radiator that causes transmission fluid to leak?

transmission cooler

What causes transmission fluid to leak into radiator?

Cracked radiator end caps since the tranny fluid runs goes threw the caps for cooling that is the only way tranny fluid can get in the radiator

What causes oil in the radiator?

hi, blown head gasket, cracked head or block or automatic transmission oil cooler in radiator leaking

What are the causes of overheating on a 2001 Chrysler Town and Country?

Possible causes for overheating include failed serpentine belt, failed water pump, internal or external coolant leak, restriction in the radiator, or inoperative radiator fan.

What causes a 1995 Chrysler LeBaron to overheat?

There are many possible causes of overheating. They include low coolant, inoperative radiator fan, failed water pump, missing belts, restricted radiator, failed head gasket.

What causes poor radiator circulation and poor heat in a 1998 Jimmy?

Maybe your cooling/heat system is all plugged up with radiator deposits. You could try flushing the radiator and see if it helps.

How much should it cost to fix a radiator in a ford expedition?

In general it can cost between $50 to $200 to fix a radiator in a Ford Expedition. This is based on the different causes of the radiator being broken or if it had to be replaced.

What causes gas fumes in the radiator?

A leaking head gasket could cause this.

What causes backpressure in radiator when cold and cap removed?

I have the same problem and I hope I Can get an answer.