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In some cases stress can. In other cases it can be that fact that you might be worrying about it and therefore are creating some symptoms not knowing that you are, that in return is related to the stress of worrying or wondering.

Sometimes PMS symptoms can be a lot like pregnancy symptoms.

Taking Birth Control pills also causes symptoms of pregnancy when you first start taking them because your body is adjusting to the hormones.

A hormone inbalance can make you think that you are pregnant. I have had it many times. I was tired, breasts sore, nauseous,heart burn, smells making me sick, but a negative test. Stress caused me to have this as well as not taking my pills regularly.

i am 43, have been having pregnancy feeling for over a month now, the biggest complication is fail the blood test done 3 weeks ago, i gave up on the blood test,,,,,my tummy or should i say baby pouch is out there this month on July 9th i got only a spotty 3 day non flow period....i have this wonderful pregnant feeling going on inside and everyone that see me says i am pregnant by atlest 8 weeks,,,,,,i have been test for all medical problems that would cause this pouch but it all came back with no problems no infections,,,,now for the clincher i got a tubal ligation done in 86 i have been preg. before but lost it i do know its possible......but i cant pass a urine test for the life of i for the stress level, nope havent changed for me still the same,,,i have actually little tummy pulls going on just the same as life growing.i am not due an af til aug 3rd or 6th,,,,and if it is the same as this last one then i know it has to be a baby, i believe,,,i am never late nor do i haveany of the signs of menopause or peri, or pre menopause,,,bladder thus far is fine kidney's and everything else that could cause this is fine,,,,,

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Q: What causes a woman to have symptoms of pregnancy but not actually be pregnant?
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What are the causes of phantom pregnancy?

The exact causes of phantom pregnancy are actually still unknown. It is thought that it is simply the body tricking a person into thinking that they are pregnant.Either being desperate to be pregnant and being unable to get pregnant, or having had sex and being really guilty about it.

What causes a girl to be pregnant?

Unprotected sex causes pregnancy.

You have missed period for five days but you don't have any of the pregnancy symptoms is it possible that you are not pregnant?

Yes, very possible. Pregnancy symptoms do not typically start up until 6-8 weeks of pregnancy...which would be 2-4 weeks after a missed period. Some woman never have symptoms at all...if you are pregnant hope you are one of the lucky ones with no symptoms lol. The HCG is what causes all the symptoms of pregnancy, also the hormone that is used to register on home pregnancy tests. This hormone, which is created by the embryo's placenta, is probably not at a high enough level 5 days after a missed period to really cause any noticable symptoms, if you are pregnant.

Will you be pregnant after taking 2 pills?

No, pills do not cause pregnancy. Sex causes pregnancy.

Is it possible to not be pregnant but really experiencing pregnancy symptoms for almost 3 weeks?

Yes. The early symptoms of pregnancy, breast tenderness, nausea, lack of a period etc. All have many, many other potential causes. If you're past the normal start of your period, then your best bet is to go get a home pregnancy test and find out.

Is lightheadness an nausea a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, they are symptoms usually associated with pregnancy but may have other causes as well.

Iud put in 4 months ago cervix pain bloating constipation constant need of chocolate am i pregnant?

The IUD causes pregnant like symptoms. There are women who experience these same symptoms including me. As for the chocolate craving...thats ideal..your a woman..I crave chocolate everyday of my life. Always have, always will :). Take a pregnancy test...that always relieves any worries of pregnancy.

Could nausea unusual hunger sore breasts and spotting after using a treadmill be signs of pregnancy?

Hello, I doubt using a treadmill causes any of the above symptoms hun but these are pregnancy symptoms so you may be pregnant. Perform a pregnancy test if your period doesn't arrive. Please note this is advice only and should not be used in place of that of a medical expert.

Would you know if you are pregnant the first mouth?

Lots of times a woman who has already had a baby will recognize little things before she has missed a period. Not always though, as each pregnancy can be completely different. Otherwise a first pregnancy is usually found only after a period or sometimes two are missed. Pregnancy causes hormone levels to rise and give woman the signs of pregnancy. Most woman who aren't trying to get pregnant don't notice the early symptoms and often there are no symptoms in the first weeks.

What are the main causes of teenage pregnancy?

the causes of teenage pregnancy are thatlow self esteemlack of understanding of how to get pregnantfamily neglectbelief that nothing will happen

Could you be pregnant if you are 8 weeks late the pregnancy blood test showed negative and you have no symptoms?

There are several causes for late period including stress, hormonal disbalance, ilness, overweight, etc.

Can your husband feeling tired all the time for no reason a sign of the wife being pregnant?

No. Pregnancy causes symptoms in the pregnant woman only. If your husband is having chronic exhaustion, he should see his doctor as it could be a sign of something more serious. A pregnancy blood test is the only sure-fire way of determining pregnancy in a woman. A home pregnancy test is a good alternative when the package directions are followed. == ==

What causes extreme fatigue mental fog body aches severe constipation?

possibly your diet. . . . severe constipation can be a main factor for all the other symptoms you describe.....get blood tested for diabetes as well ......... You could also be pregnant, those are symptoms of pregnancy.

What are symptoms of listeria?

listeria causes septicaemia, meningitis and spontaneous abortions in pregnant women. physical symptoms are mild and flu-like, and ocassionally there are no physical symptoms.

Could you be pregnant you were on a period two weeks ago you have been very tired this last week also you have had headaches a little bit of nausea and a swollen tummy?

Not if you didn't have sex. If you had sex, regardless of symptoms, the answer is yes. Your symptoms could be due to pregnancy or literally hundreds of other causes. Including panic. Only your pregnancy test / doctor will say for sure.

How do you know if you're pregnant or not even if you don't throw up the next morning and what are the other symptoms?

You will NOT throw up the next morning after having sex. It takes 7 days for the Embryo to implant in your uterus and start releasing the pregnancy hormone HCG. Once this hormone is being released the pregnancy symptoms will start. Pregnancy symptoms are: Missed period. Extra vaginal discharge. Feeling or being sick. Headaches. Tiredness. Excessive urination. Dizzy spells. Bloatedness or extra wind. Heartburn. Spotting bleeding. Abdominal cramps. A woman may have all or none of these symptoms (except missing a period). If you think you may be pregnant take a test when you miss a period. Spotting bleeding is NOT a sign of pregnancy. It is always abnormal whether pregnant or not. It is not unusual, there are various causes, but it is not normal.

What happens when you have a phantom pregnancy?

I'm not exactly sure. However, I might be having one right now. I'm a virgin and I'm worried sick that I'm pregnant. I have OCD and when someone is having a phantom pregnancy, they have all the symptoms and some even go into to labor (but of course there's no baby). Causes of a Phantom Pregnancy is from eiether really wanting to be pregnant or like me, where u are terrified of being pregnant. It's a hard and CONFUSING deicse. However, there is also other causes I have OCD so that's probs why I got it. Hope this helps!

Is not being able to sleep at night an early sign of pregnancy?

No. You may have insomnia AND be pregnant, but there are so many causes of insomnia that it is not a sign of pregnancy.

Can you have pregnancy symptoms before the HPT reads positive?

Yup! HCG is what causes the symptoms of pg and there is usually SOME HCG in your body before it shows on a test.

What causes HCG to rise?

Being pregnant causes HGC to be in your body. If you want more detail than that; it's a hormone that your body produces when you are pregnant. That is what home pregnancy tests detect. If you have HGC in your urine, you are pregnant. P.S. its actually HCG... if you'd like info on HGC, please go to this wikipedia link:

What are the causes of rash and fever during pregnancy?

Causes are same whether you are pregnant or not. But if this happen to be rubella ( German measles), then it is very serious disease.

What causes breast pain during pregnancy?

Hormonal changes are the main cause of breast pain during pregnancy. This can be on of the first signs that a woman is pregnant, but usually comes and goes during the pregnancy.

Is it possible to have a failed pregnancy test and still have pregnancy symptoms such as night sweats increase in appetite and weight gain?

Hiya! Yes that is VERY possible. The number of pregnant women who have had negative pregnancy tests while having pregnancy symptoms is increasing. The only sure way of finding out if you are pregnant without any doubt is by having a specific blood test. The blood test you need is a Quantitative Beta HCG blood test which will measure the amount of HCG in your blood. This test will tell you without a doubt if you are indeed pregnant or not. You will need to see your doctor for this blood test and you must ask specifically for it because there is a very similar blood test with a similar name which causes inaccurate results during early pregnancy. Good luck.

Is it normal to bleed from your anus while pregnant?

At later stage of pregnancy, hemorrhoids worsen which in turn causes bleeding.

Is having back pains a sign of pregnancy?

You may certainly have back pain becasue you are pregnant but it is not a sign of pregnancy as there are just too many causes of back pain.