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Yawns are in fact contagious as it is a subconscious effect of our mind. When yawning we gain more oxygen then we would breathing.

When the brain thinks that there is a lack of oxygen in a given space, due to the other person yawning, and you do as well, you are effectively trying to steal the oxygen from the other person to ensure you live. This also explains why dogs will yawn when a human does, and vice versa.

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Why to we yawn when someone else is yawn?

Yawning is contagious.

Is yawing contagious?

It is not really contagious because its not a decease, but it does make you want to yawn when you see someone do it. For most people at least.!

What is the most contagious thing in the world?

A Yawn

Are yawns contagious?

No. There's no contagious element to yawns, but they do seem to be empathetically suggestive. Many people (chimpanzees and rhesus monkeys also) yawn when they see others yawn.

What makes an action contagious?

Sight. If you see someone yawn you start to yawn, if you see someone smile you may start to smile to even blinking or itching can sometimes be contagious by sight.

Can a yawn be caused by reading the word yawn?

You are probably more likely to yawn if someone else does as well. But I suppose it's possible! After all yawning is very contagious

Why do people yawn when they someone else do it?

People yawn when they see someone else do it because it triggers something in the brain so you can't help but yawn. Yawning is contagious.

Why do people yawn when they see someone else yawning?

It's contagious?

What is the difference between genetic disease and contagious disease?

A genetic disease is inherited genetically and contagious disease means that its easily transmitted by contact. For an example, yawning is contagious, once u or any other person yawns that yawn will soon get to someone and then they will yawn.

Why do we get the urge to stretch when we yawn and while your at it why do we yawn thanks guys?

yawns are contagious becuase when we see another person yawn our brain sees it as that person is gasping for air and they dont have enough oxygen so as a defense mechenisme we will yawn also.

Why do mammals yawn?

Lack of oxygen to the brain causes an involuntary reaction that we know as a yawn.

Is yawning contagious?

yawning is contagious only if someone sees you do it ... as a sort of social action.It is not contagious in the disease sense.The physiologic function of yawning is to relieve the imbalance between where the blood flows in the lungs (mainly at the base) and where the air flows (mainly at the apex). Note that this is a problem mostly when you are in an upright posture.Yawning is contagious, at least to humans. Many animals yawn, but only dogs, chimps, and humans are known to yawn after someone else does. There is no conclusive evidence why we yawn to begin with, but it's possible that contagious yawning may have something to do with social bonding and empathy. For example, autistic people tend not to yawn after another person does, and children under the age of four don't do it either. This suggests that yawning after someone else is a sympathetic and social act, similar to unconscious mimicking.When tired, yawning is psychologically "contagious", but not physically contagious in the most common sense of the word.

How contagious is Crohn's Disease?

Not at all contagious. They do not yet know what causes Crohns but they do know it is not contagious.

Are the mumps contagious?

Yes, the pathogen that causes mumps is extremely contagious.

How contagious is diarrhea?

its not contagious, however what ever causes it might be Diarrhea is a symptom of an ailment or disease. It in itself is not contagious but the disease causing it may be contagious.

Why is yawns contagious?

yawns are actually not really contagious. when people tell you they are, it makes you think they are, but they are really not.

Are some forms of cancer contagious?

Cancer is not known to be contagious. However some things that can cause cancers are contagious. One thing that causes cervical cancer (HPV) is contagious. HIV also causes cancers and it is also cancerous.

Is yawning voluntary?

Yes, it is sort of a pass on. Lets say you yawn && there is a person beside you, eventually he/she would yawn because not of boredom... my teacher told me a month ago why but I forgot but pretty much it's contagious(:

Why do giraffes get grouchy?

Giraffes are grouchy because they cannot yawn. And maybe they have soar necks. They really do not yawn though.

What causes non contagious diseases?


Why is it when you yawn your daughter acts really weird?

Exactly how weird, and for how long? It is possible that you are unaware of something really odd or funny about your body movements or vocalizations when you yawn, and your daughter's weirdness is an attempt to stifle a reaction that she thinks might embarrass you. If that's the case, you have a chance to bond a little, have a laugh and a yawn or two, and maybe learn to yawn in a less, well, gaping manner? For some reason, your question really gives me a weird urge to see you yawn.

Is inflamitory bowel disease contagious?

No. We are not sure what causes them (Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis) but they do not appear to be contagious.

Are shingles of the mouth contagious?

No shingles of the mouth is not contagious. Shingles is not contagious in any form. The virus that causes shingles however, can cause chicken pox.

Why can't i yawn at night when i nfeel like?

You only tend to yawn when you're very sleepy or when your listening/watching something very boring that you're not interested in. You can't really choose when to yawn.

Why we yawn-?

We yawn because our bodies are too relaxed and our brains haven't got enough oxygen to be comfortable. The act of yawning causes an influx of oxygen that invigorates our system.