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if car is properly tuned . most likely cause would be catalytic converter.

AnswerThe existing answer if very likely the most accurate however, NOx is caused by excessive heat. Perhaps the fuel/air mixture is not to spec. It also may be due to a fouled combustion chamber due to carbon build-up. A fuel additive may be a simpler and less expensive solution. Certainly worth the try.

You will want a good cleaning additive, however, you must be careful because cleaning additives may also increase the heat and make matters worse.

With any additive you should drive through a full tank of treated fuel to get the best results.

I've read on the web about many such additives. STP, Techron and the like. There is also one that seems to get good reports, at least according to its website. It isn't widely available in stores...again according to its website. I think it is called BlueSky 3-in-1 Fuel Conditioner. Any one would probably do the trick. good luck.

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Q: What causes an 1982 Honda Accord not to pass smog because of NOx?
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