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depends on the color of smoke... white=water black=fuel blue=oil


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Smoke causes air pollution and then causes global warming. It then causes ozone depletion.

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The main cause of motorbike smoke is when the diesel is being burned and used in the engine. This smoke causes pollution to the environment.

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blue smoke is oil. white smoke is water. black smoke is unburnt fuel

The Piston rings are probably worn causing oil to get into the combustion chamber which causes smoke when burned

It is at the rear of the engine and has the plug wires coming out of it.

oil getting by the rings causes white smoke and oil dripping out of the tailpipe.

It just looks smoky, but isn't really smoky.

Quality of fuel plays major role in smoke emission

White smoke normally means you are burning oil.

Black smoke from an engine is caused by unburnt fuel.

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The hot air gets out and the smoke causes pollution. The smoke has alot of particles that causes the smoke to spread. It could give many people allergies and sicknesses.

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