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Hey Roger===If you stated the kind of car and engine you had it would be easier. Just guessing, it is either the cable to the throtle body or carb hanging or the idle solonoid needing cleaning. GoodluckJoe

A sizable vacuum leak could also do that.

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โˆ™ 2012-09-24 00:13:49
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Q: What causes an engine to run at 1100rpm instead of the normal 800rpm?
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Is it normal for the idle speed of a diesel engine to go up to 1100rpm when cold then drop to 800rpm after 5 mins?

NO that's bad

What causes engine failure?

There are four causes of the engine failure. The four causes of the engine failure includes engine overheating, lubrication problems, misassembly , and detonation.

What is the ignition timing setting for a Dodge 360 gas engine?

5 degrees BTDC. remember to set the idle to 800rpm for automatic transmission and plug the vacuum advance ose before setting the timing.

Can you use diesel engine instead of petrol engine with using injector instead of spark plug?


1970 Chevelle Malibu with a 350ci engine What should the timing be without the vacuum advance then with vacuum advance and at what RPMs?

800rpm manual transmission, o degrees advance 1200rpm automatic transmission 4 degrees advance

What causes an engine to shudder?

No gas in the engine

How do you set the timing on a 1994 Honda Passport?

i have a 94 Honda passport, my engine is a 3.2L with coil packs. the timing is non adjustable. on the 3.1L the timing indicator is located at the front of the engine by the crankshaft pulley. the timing set is 10-degrees BTDC @ 800rpm. disconnect the set timing connector at the distributor.

What causes low engine oil?

engine burning oil

what causes my corola dx wagon with a 5e engine to ping?

what causes my corola dx wagon with a 5e engine to ping

What causes the thrust of an airplane?

The engine causes thrust, it moves the aircraft.

What does engine failure cause?

Your question is sort of backwards, perhaps you meant what causes engine failure? Engine failure causes...the engine to fail. If someone told me their engine failed I would take it to mean that it stopped running, or wouldn't start.

What effect does excessive revving have on your car engine?

Excessive revving of an engine causes overpressure in the crankcase. It causes unhealthy expansion in the pistons and the valves.

What causes fuel in the engine oil?

Bad piston rings. Get new engine.

What causes engine oil to become milky?

this is usually engine coolant leaking in

What causes a car engine to turn over?

The starter turns the engine over.

What is an inline engine?

an engine with all of the cylinders in a straight line, instead of in a 'v' formation.

What causes an engine to spin backwards?


What causes an engine miss?

Bad wire

Why twin spark is used only in petrol engine?

Diesel engines do not use spark plugs to ignite the fuel. Instead they use the actual compression of the piston to ignite the fuel. To start a diesel engine a glow-plug is used, once the engine has started the compression causes the ignition. As a results of this diesel engine blocks are heavier to take the force of the ignition

What causes the engine overheat light to come on in a 1994 Cadillac eldorado?

The engine is overheating.

What is it that makes a car engine work?

Combustion is the chemical reaction that causes a car engine to work. It is produced by fuel combining with oxygen which causes pressure and heat to turn the crankshaft of the engine. This essentially gets all of the parts of the engine moving.

How does friction harm the engine of a car?

It causes corrosion of the metal forming the car engine . That`s why we use lubricating oil. Also friction causes the engine temp. to rise which can cause the car explosion.

Can you use water as a fuel for engine instead of diesel?


What causes a 1998 Pontiac transport to run hot and engine shuts down?

What causes a 1998 Pontiac transport to run hot and engine shuts off

Can you use water in engine instead of petrol?

You cannot use water in an engine instead of petrol. The internal combustion engine of a car or truck requires the ignition of gases in order to create power. This doesn't happen with water.