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You might have a faulty oxygen sensor. Typically, when cold, the engine management system operates in "open loop" mode ignoring feedback from oxygen sensors because they don't work properly until they heat up to a specific temperature range. Once the sensors heat up, the computer goes into "closed loop" mode using the signal from the oxygen sensors to help adjust the air/fuel mixture. If one or more sensors are faulty, the fuel mixture may be incorrect and cause a poor running condition.

Another possibility is that you have a running problem which is noticeable when the engine is turning slowly. Air metering, EGR system, and mechanical engine problems are your most likely suspects here. When the engine is cold, the computer raises the idle speed of the engine to warm it up faster and to prevent stalling which masks the problem until warmup occurs.

== == -you might also have a bad distributer or a bad catalytic converter or muffler

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Q: What causes an fuel injection engine to run OK when cold but then splutter at low revs when warm?
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What causes white smoke from diesel engine when its hot outside?

White smoke is unburned fuel, usually caused by low combustion temps in the engine. It should clear up after the engine warms up. If it takes a long time or the smoke persists when the engine is warm, it could be retarded injection. If you have a cold start lever pull it to the first notch and see if the smoke disappears. If not it could be an injector problem, or an injection problem (injection pump TDI... etc)

Does a computerized fuel injection in mazda3 2005 2.0 raise the rpm when starting the car or only when the engine is cold?

Yes for both and will be longer amount of time when cold.

What causes the temperature to overheat but the engine be cold on a 1989 Toyota pickup?

i asked this question the tempture gage shows it is over heating but the engine is cold to touch

Why does my Peugeot 106 cut out?

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Where is the thermal time relay?

On a bosch CIS or CIS E fuel injection system there is a thermal time switch located on the engine upper radiator coolant hos at the head. This device controls the cold start injector timedto engine temperature, cold engine up to about 10 seconds of injection, hot engine 1 or 2 seconds of injection. This switch is used on many European models (VW, MB, etc.) Since you did not provide a make, year and model of the vehicle this is only a guess.

Heater starts to turn cold when at stop light - what causes that?

The #1 cause of cold air from the heater when the car is stopped, or the engine is idling, low engine coolant levels.

What causes Jeep Cherokee engine to whistle when cold?

A gasket could be the cause of a Jeep Cherokee engine to whistle when it's cold. Check the throttle body gasket to see if it needs to be replaced.

Why does 1991 passat splutter and die when engine reachs normal operating temperature and won't start again until engine cools?

Check the ignition coil. At cold coils generally operate properly, when the coil heats a failing unit will start to break down and fail causing misfiring and poor engine operation. Second check for a failing ignition controller in the distributor.

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Why is 1999 Nissan Quest engine idling fast and does not go down after being driven for a while?

The fast idle is usually because of the automatic choke which your engine needs. A cold engine will send a signal to your fuel injection system to "choke" some of the air from the supply in order to get more fuel to make the engine warm up. This causes the engine to rev up, and should return to normal after a minute or so. In colder weather, it may take longer.If you live in a snowy climate, you may want to invest in an engine blanket to keep the engine from getting too cold at night -- especially on a gasoline engine. This will reduce the amount of time the engine will choke.

1997 Tahoe 5.7L with a KN cold intake kit installed am experiencing an interruption or hesitation or gas splutter at 90 to 120 Kph Ive changed the plugs and wires but still have this problem?

You don't have a problem with the engine at all. You truck came factory with a governor on it that will not let the engine run any faster. THANKS to GM.

What are the advantages of fuel injection?

Lower emissions Better cold engine starting/idling better fuel economy and in most cases more power through out the powerband.

What causes a engine knocking noise when you are accelerating and the engine is warm doesnt do it when engine is cold?

Most likely needs a tuneup done. Check the timing and change the normal tuneup part.

What causes cold engine knock on a 1997 Chevrolet Lumina 3.1?

Cold engine knock that goes away after warmup is usually piston slap. Worn pistons worn cylinder bores, wrong oil (too light) on a high mileage engine.

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The fuel injectors make the ticking noise you hear at startup, especially when the engine is cold (colder temperatures).

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