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The exact causes of increased sex drive (or 'libido') are still somewhat unknown. However, many scientists believe it is caused by hormone imbalances or by conditions that cause severe mood swings. There are no known drugs that safely increase libido for either gender.

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I have a higher sex drive is this a sign of pregnancy?

no its not but it does mean the hormones in your body has increased

Is it common to have increased sex drive before a period should start?


Is libido the same as testosterone?

No, but they are related. Testosterone is the male sex hormone. Libido is the sex drive. Increased testosterone in males means an increased libido. Decreased testosterone means a decreased libido.

What time of the month do women prefer to enjoy sex the most?

Most women have a increased sex drive days before she gets her period.

What causes extreme sex drive in women I can't seem to get enough all of a sudden?


What causes a high sex drive?

you find a pic of j lo nude and you get horny

When do girl like sex?

Well, studies say in the morning their sex drive is increased, but I find that whenever you can make time for her and spend all the time with her, you will definitely get lucky

What symptom is not related to a deficiency in PTH?

Increased appetite, increased energy, increased sex drive, low blood pressure are NOT symptoms of a PTH deficiency. Symptoms related to a deficiency in parathyroid hormone (PTH) include loss of energy, Osteoporosis and Osteopenia, painful bones, diminished sex drive, heartburn, depression, kidney stones, high blood pressure, and many others.

Causes and effects of gangsterism?

Causes: Joining the family. Becoming "made". Being named Vinnie. Effects: Increased gambling drive. Desire to commit illegal activites. Overuse of the word "ey". Increased risk of arrest or detention.

My sex drive has been incredible since my wife told me she is ready to have a baby. Is it normal for a man to have an increased sex drive and semen volume while trying to conceive?

yes. just sex a lot of times everyday and you will die young you horny v i t ch

Does methadone decrease your sex-drive?

Methadone can decrease sex drive in males.

How do you know if a woman has an increased sex drive?

When she tries to have sex with you all the time? This question is pretty vague. Most women become more horny during the days leading up to their period.

If a guy takes birth control pills for a month what would happen?

Decreased hair, increased breast tissue, decreased sex drive, increased risk of endocrine problems, decrease in testicle size.

Why do some women get horny while on their periods?

Simply hormonal changes drive changes in a persons sex drive throughout their menstrual cycle. Hormonal changes also drive neurological changes that see womens senses being increased during menstruation, and the brain can also incorporate increased vaginal lubrication from menstrual flow as increased lubrication when aroused. There are also some cultural factors such as the idea of sex during menstruation being a little taboo, which can drive increased arousal for some.

At what age is a womens sex drive the highest?


What is a sex drive?

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What car was in the movie sex drive?

Chevy Nova is the car that was in the movie sex drive.

Can the use of the medication Uroxatral increase your sex drive?

No, it decreases sex drive. Believe me, it really does!

At what age does a woman's sex drive increase-?

There is no specific age in which a woman's sex drive "increases".

What causes increased pO2?


What is labido?

a person's sex drive or the desire to have sex.

What happens when you get horney during your period?

Nothing 'happens' when you get horny during your period - you are simply horny. It's normal to have increased sex drive during menstruation, you can go with it and enjoy pleasurable sex or masturbation, or you can just ignore it and get on with your life.

What is sex drive in men?

A man's sex drive would refer to how strong his appetite is for sex, and can be influenced by factors such as the amount of testosterone in his system.

Does taking vicodin for a long time decrease sex drive?

Yes, it may decrease the sex drive.

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