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it may be the rear light may be cracked or the boot rubber seal. you should also look at a rubber bung that near to bumper level that lets water in too.

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What causes 2008 dodge avenger trunk to leak water into trunk?

I pulled out all the little rubber plugs on the trunk lid. Problemed solved.

Ciera '95 is very musty can't find the leak - any ideas no wet carpet or any other areas help?

my mom's 1991 Chevy lumina always smells musty or "stuffy" and it's because her trunk leaks. just an idea. the leak or source of moisture may not necessarrily be in the passenger compartment.AnswerYou might also want to have your A/C system inspected, specifically the vents/ducts. Mold can grow inside these areas.

Why does water leak into trunk of a 2002 Chevrolet Impala?

A bad trunk seal weatherstrip.

Water leak in trunk of 1992 Camry?

Have you checked the Gasket that goes around the Trunk opening?

What causes antifreeze to all leak out?

A leak.

Water leak in the trunk of a 1991 Honda Accord?

I had the same problem with my 1992 Accord. Replacement of the trunk lid gasket fixed the leak, but I had to special order the gasket from a dealer.

How would water leak into trunk of a 2004 Ford Taurus?

Bad rubber seal around trunk lid?

Can you leak freon from your central air unit without a leak?

no. How could you have a leak without a leak? There's a hole in the system somewhere.

Why does your 1999 Camry trunk leak?

It has been damaged or the seal has deteriorated

What are causes of Coolant leak?

Broken or split hose Radiator leak heater core leak

Why does the inside of your trunk gets very wet when it rains?

you have a leak. Take it to a body shop you trust and have them check it. The leak is most likely coming from the taillights.

What causes engine surging?

It could be as simple as a vacuum leak but without knowing what year, make, model and engine it is hard to tell you what it may be.

If you live in a second floor condo and there is a water leak that causes damage who is responsible?

If you live in a second floor condo and you rent the condo, the leak that causes damage is the responsibility of the owner of the building. If you own the condo, the leak is the responsibility of the owner of the condo with the leak.

What causes the heater core to leak?


How do you fix a trunk leak in a 1999 Cavalier if you can't find the source of the leak- Who should be consulted if owner cannot fix?

Dealer or body shop. Have you tried getting in the trunk with a flashlight and having someone pour water on the rear of the car.

How do you stop water leak into boot peugeot 307?

If it were mine, I would have someone get inside of the trunk(boot)with a flashlight. Close it and then run some water over and around the edge of the trunk; not too much pressure. Start at the bottom(closest to you) and slowly work your way around one side to the other and then back to the bottom. In other words, make a loop around the edge of the trunk. Your helper should be able to see where the water is coming in, if there is no leak then it might be around the taillights or rear window. If the leak is around the trunk weatherstrip, either replace it or close the gap at the leak by hammering the lip of the trunk opening, not the trunk lid itself. If it around the taillights or window, try using some silicone sealer.

What causes code P0442?

A small leak in the vapor system from the tank to the engine.

What causes antifreeze to leak to oil?

A leak somewhere, possibly cracked head or head gasket.

How od I fix a Grand Prix trunk leak?

Do you have a spoiler? Could be coming from the bolts holding it on.

Why does trunk leak on a Honda Prelude?

Tail light rubber gasket is worn out. $15 from dealer.

How would water get in the trunk of a 2000 Neon. I can't find where its coming from. Where should I look?

There are many possible leak points, but the most common place for a trunk water leak in a neon is around the tail lamp mounting bolt holes. If you are unable to locate and repair the leak, there are people who specialize in this type of repair.

Can you repair a transmission leak without a rebuild?

It all depends on the failed part. If the leak can be repaired without a rebuild, then yes.

What causes damage under bathroom sink?

A leak

What causes your head gasket to leak?

Usually a tear.

What causes oil in air filter?

an oil leak