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I do


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Hemorrhoids cause bright red anal bleeding.

anal fissureanal rapecolon cancerhemorrhoidsinternal hemorrhage

A fever should not cause anal bleeding. If you are experiencing anal bleeding you should contact your doctor.

it depends... when mixed with anal sex it usually causes anal bleeding and the desire to watch broke back mountain while wearing assless chaps. newtest3

Likely causes include, cancer, hemorrhoids, and intense anal sex.

Anal bleeding may be the result of many ailments. But as of now, alcoholism has not established any relation with bleeding in the anal area. You can consult your doctor for constipation and piles.

No it is not normal. You should see a doctor if you are bleeding from you anal

Most likely its the anal glands, is dog a female? take to vet, the glands need expressed.

Here are some of the causes of Rectal Bleeding :Fistula: Fistula mainly refers to any kind of abnormal passageway that usually occurs in the digestive tract. It can also occur in other parts of the human body such as Anal or Rectum which are known as Anal and rectal Fistulas and are caused by inflammation.Fissure : Fissure is another cause. An anal fissure is caused by a natural crack in the skin of the anal canal. Anal fissures can cause bright red anal bleeding and is accompanied by pain caused during bowel movements.Hemorrhoids: A hemorrhoid is a small weakened area in the sphincter muscles, through which a bit of intestine protrudes. These can be itchy and painful, and can bleed after a hard bowel movement.

The pain is coming from near the leg. A preparation suppository did not touch it. Is it still a hemorriod?

As a result of his excessive alcohol consumption.

Anal and rectal fistulas are usually caused by an abscess.

Information about Bleeding Diathesis can be found on the wikipedia article which has reliable information and the causes. Some of the causes for bleeding diathesis are excessive bleeding and a lack of clotting.

Per the related link: "Symptoms of anal cancer include: lumps or bumps located near the anus anal bleeding or bleeding during bowel movements anal discharge pain in or around the anus itchy sensation around or inside the anus change in bowel habits, such as constipation, diarrhea and the thinning of the stools".

Bleeding from the anus may be a sign of a number of medical conditions. Some very common (and not at all serious / easily treatable) to potentially very serious. First of all anal bleeding is NOT uncommon. Do NOT be embarrassed. DO GO AND SPEAK TO YOUR DOCTOR.Some common causes of anal bleeding:1) Anal fissure:A tear in the lining of the anal canal, just inside the anus. This can be very painful, particularly when during and after the passing of a stool. Anal fissures may cause minor bleeding, which you may notice in your stools or on your toilet paper.Anal fissures are a common problem and can occur in both adults and children.2) Haemorrhoids (piles):Haemorrhoids, or piles, are enlarged and swollen blood vessels in or around the lower rectum and anus.Haemorrhoids (piles) are not considered dangerous and may affect any age group. Haemorrhoids are very common, affecting approx. 50% of the population experiencing them at some point in their life.The above are just two of a number of potential causes for anal bleeding, some of which are potentially very serious (even life threatening e.g. bowel cancer) although much less common than the two examples given above. However you MUST go and see a doctor.See links for further information.

Certain bleeding disorders such as anemia, and some medications (plavix, aspirin, coumadin/warfarin) can be common causes of bleeding.

Internal anal bleeding. Indian anal beads. Incest. Inter-racial gang bang.

Anal Bleeding due to piles nothing to do with pregnancy. Anasu only meant to expel waste from intestines

I wouldn't say you necessarily need to be very concerned, but you should go and see a doctor because anal bleeding can be a symptom of colon or rectum cancers, as well as other conditions and diseases.

Anal fissures in general are one of the causes of yeast infection.

== == Anal leakage occurs when a vessel in the rectum bursts and causes the anus to leak bloody fluids. Many cases involve anal sex.

no vitamin causes bleed gum it is the deficiency sign that causes bleeding gum..

Your anal bleeding may be caused by straining and aggravating your hemorrhoids. Muscles that assist in pushing fecal matter from your anal cavity, the abdominals can put great pressure on your internal organs and should be avoided. Straining to have a bowel movement can cause pressure up to the brain and lead to sub-arachnoid bleeding which can be fatal. Another common cause for bleeding during strenuous bowel movements is anal fissures. Simply put, an anal fissure is a rip within your anal cavity. For some people, anal fissures can be alleviated and healed by increasing fiber intake and taking regular sitz baths. However, if left untreated, anal fissures can worsen over time to the point where the only option is surgery. If you frequently experience pain or bleeding after having a bowel movement, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible. And to make the point very clear: You should never stain during a bowel movement. Take your time and let it happen naturally. If you continue to have trouble with straining, try adding more fiber in your diet through fruits and vegetables, or a supplement as necessary. And, as always, if a condition does not clear up or worsens, please see your doctor.

Hemophilia causes excessive bleeding

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