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Typically that leak is caused by a leak in the heating system. The heater core is under the dashboard, just above the passenger side.

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Q: What causes antifreeze to leak onto front passenger floor of a 2001 Saturn L series car?
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What kind of antifreeze does a 1997 Saturn series use?

The 1997 Saturn used dexcool antifreeze. The chemical compounds are different and should never be mixed, as the engine will no longer cool properly.

How much antifreeze do you add to a 2001 Saturn?

for an S series from empty it is about 7 qts. 50/50 water/coolant.

Where is Saturn L-Series turn signal fuse?

mine is on the passenger at the foot of the instrument panel.

Where is the fuse on the Saturn l-series?

There are three locations under the hood driver side, kickplate on driver and passenger side.

What causes loss of power on 2003 Saturn s-series?

hello, have you changed the spark plugs in this vehicle?

Where is the radiator cap for a 1998 Saturn?

The radiator cap is on the coolant reservoir, which is mounted on the passenger side fender for S series Saturns.

When was Saturn S-Series created?

Saturn S-Series was created in 1991.

When was Saturn L-Series created?

Saturn L-Series was created in 2000.

Horn location on Saturn l series year 2000?

it is located on the passenger side just behind the front fascia. You have to jack the car up to get to it.

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When was the Saturn Commercial for the Saturn S series broadcast?

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