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Q: What causes apendicitis?
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What causes diverticulosis?

Constipation or Apendicitis

How do you say apendicitis in English?


What could cause severe pain in your side?


How do you treat apendicitis?

The appendix is surgically removed. That is the only treatment.

What could cause stomach cramps at the top of your stomach?


What would cause severe pain in the mid right side?


Can apendicitis make your penis smaller?

There hasn't been any case history of.

Symptoms of appendisitis?

one symptom of apendicitis is the rigt side of your hips is painfull it is caused by bacteria

Can being assaulted bring on apendicitis?

Yes, if you are hit in your stomach or side of your stomach hard enough it can rupture your appendix's.

What could it be when you have bad pain lower right side of back and in abdomen and hurts 2 poop and cough and tender to the touch any thoughts?

it is possibly apendicitis

How long can apendicitis last?

It depends on how severe the case is, a mild case could last a week, but an extreme case could take weeks to get better. In the worst cases the appendix is taken out!

Lower right abdomen pain?

Apendicitis. ~I'm no doctor but maybe Ulcerative Colitis in the Ascending Colon? ~T00F FAIRY Depending on where, it could also be kidney stones, cysts, or an ectopic pregnancy

Why do you have dull sharp pain in your lower left abdomen and slight constipation?

apendicitis can cause pain on the left or right side you might want to contact a doctor unless you already had your apendex removed

How do you get apendicitis?

you get appendicitis when there is an infection in your appendix. you can cure it by getting your appendix removed. it can save your life. i had appendicitis and if you have the infection too long you could die. i was going to but then i got surgery just in time by: destiny lee

Will apendicitis show in a blood or urine test.?

Yes. Both blood tests, and urine tests are ways to discover appendicitis, yet I'm pretty sure they won't just find it in a random test. I think you have to take a specific test to find out.

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