What causes asthma and is there a cure?

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All I can really contribute to this is the fact that there is no cure to asthma, you can lessen your chances of an attack by taking your inhalers everyday, which I myself have to do. The worst thing that has happened so far with my asthma is having a small allergy attack due to hay fever, and it has upset my asthma greatly, which results in more inhalers and antibiotics to help stop the mucus from forming! oh and anti-inflammatories.

asthma remains a mystery and therefore hard to treat. it is caused by trauma, excitement, allergy, etc. sometimes called a 'local histine reaction' no cure yet as everybody is different and reactions are different with each person.

the cause of asthma may be atopic or allergic. some time due to trauma the symptoms can be identified. to some extent childhood asthma is cureable, but, adult asthma is not cureable instead it can be very well controlled.


there is a cure its a dominican medicane that has not been released but can be made at home but it is disguisting its a liquid i stopped taking it but it really works

The trigger for childhood asthma seems to be household cleaners like bleach or carpet shampoo. Add a few daycare colds with bronchitis to this and you will be pre-disposed to have asthma. The sensitivity to triggers often gets better after a decade, no matter when it started, however, as an adult, I really have to avoid catching severe colds or exposing myself to occupational dust in carpenter shops or construction sites if I don`t want to spend a few months wheezing. Just my personal experience. As for household cleaners, I really wish parents would quit getting brainwashed by commercials. All these super-cleaners, air-fresheners, antibacterial miracles are proven to pollute the environment. How can we think it has no effect on ourselves or the children we raise? How come caregivers clean toys with bleach if they know infants and toddlers put everything in their mouth? How come people are still using pesticides on their lawns. I think we are the architects of our own misery in our own houses and work places. That needs to be cured.

I agree with the above. Sewer rats have a way better immune system than lab rats, why? Because they are exposed to more things in their early years, and their immune system is ramped up to deal with it. Asthma is usually an allergic reaction, and allergic reactions are your immune system overreacting to something. Some scientist suggest that when babies and children are kept in overly clean environments, like those regularly cleaned with bleach, their immune systems become more sensitive, and tend to be more likely to overract to something rediculous like pollen, or dust. So I honestly believe that all these disinfectant sprays, wipes and cleaners are probably killing us all.

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No. It is not a cure for asthma.

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Animals cannot cure asthma but they can induce it

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There are no asthma treatments that will cure asthma. Researchers are still working on it, but it can keep your asthma at bay for a short period of time where you don't have asthma attacks as often.

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i have asthma and yes its a cure for asthma, one of the best cures actually but its illegal by the goverment to kill turtles and make the medicine

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there is no cure you just have to use an inhaler.

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