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What causes avalanches?

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it is caused when rapid temperature changes occur, a heavy snow fall, or strong winds. Skiers or snowboarders also set off avalanches because they will ski on the fresh loose snow and if the conditions are right the snow will crack beneath them. Loud noises do not set off avalanches. If you don't believe me look up "Avalanches 101" on or

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What causes the high speeds of avalanches?

the wind!!

What are the causes and effects of avalanches?

AnswerAvalanches happen becaause of movement and loud noises. It happens when there is a fresh snowfalll.

What causes avalanches in the Alps?

ice mountains cause ice avalanches to form and fall down the mountain to cover citys that are on the earths floor

How does sugar snow causes avalanches?

rotting out snow packs bottom

Where force causes mass movement mudslides landslides and avalanches?


What is one of the causes of landslides and avalanches?

tremors , wind , rain ,gravity.

How do you predict avalanches?

you preidict avalanches because they are avalanches

What causes slab avalanches?

a certain degree of slope and then some special weather conditions.

When do you get avalanches?

Avalanches occur when different types of snow build up on one another. Sometimes wind or loud noises causes the upper snow to begin sliding on the lower snow.

What obstacles are in mt Everest?

force of air pressure causes fatigue, hypervenilating and fainting avalanches

What causes people to die in avalanches?

Most commonly, people who die in avalanches suffocate under the snow that covers them. However, it is likely that some people are killed when slammed into trees or other debris.

What make avalanches stronger?

the way a avalanches stronger is the higher the mountain the bigger the avalanches

What are Antarctica landforms?

Theres not that much of Antarctica landforms but its mainly iceland and icebergs that causes a lot of avalanches!

What causes avalanches on Mount Everest?

the amount of snow on mt Everest is remarkable and it is quite obvious that there can be tons of loose snow so if there are all together and start to fall it can cause an avalanche or multiple avalanches.

Which is deadlier in the US avalanches or earthquakes?


When was The Avalanches created?

The Avalanches was created in 1997.

Which is deadlier in the United States avalanches or earthquakes?


Where are all the avalanches in the world?

Avalanches ocur in mountainous areas.

Which is deadlier in the United states-avalanches or earthquakes?


How many avalanches there are in a year?

well there is about 1000 avalanches a year

When are avalanches most common?

Avalanches are most common in colorado

Do avalanches occur in the ocean the tundra or the mountains?

avalanches occur in the mountains

Where in the world do avalanches occur?

Avalanches happen all over the world.

Are avalanches powerful?

Yes. Avalanches can be very devastating to the people near.

What are the main causes of natural disasters?

Weather [hurricanes, tornadoes, floods], volcanoes, earthquakes, avalanches, tidal waves (tsunamis), and fire