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What causes bacteria to grow in the pool?


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== == Sunlight and environmental pollutants reduce the biocidal effectiveness of the pools disinfection system, while bathers activities add to the potential risk.


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Yes because if the pool is Not clean then bacteria is in the pool which causes his infection

You do not use baking soda in a pool. You need to get pool chemicals from a store to make sure the bacteria is not allowed to grow.

Because they get hot and sweaty and sweat causes bacteria to grow which causes an offensive odor!

Bacteria is not actually caused, it exists in nature. Bacteria is sometimes caused to grow with temperature changes or with the introduction of food to an environment.

Green water in a pool is from bacteria and algae that grow in non moving water. Improper PH, a plugged filter, and hot weather can all cause aq bacteria and algae bloom.

Pool water is usually treated with chlorine to kill bacteria. Unless the water has been sufficiently diluted or was not treated properly, no colonies should form on the agar.

How does chlorine in a swimming pool kill bacteria ?

Moisture causes mold to grow. Also if something is unprotected from germs and other bacteria it is a mold magnet.

So that the bacteria and mould that causes food poisioning would not grow,as they do not grow in a frozen environment.

No food causes food poisoning. Bacteria causes food poisoning and the bacteria can grow in almost any food that isn't stored or prepared properly.

on places where bacteria doesn't grow

No, bacteria do not grow on fat

All bacteria grow and reproduce

fungi and bacteria grow from spores.

Yes bacteria grow in water

There is no bacteria that causes it - it's a virus.

Chlorine is an effective agent against treating your pool against bacteria. You can buy supplies to test and treat your pool at pool shops.

yes bacteria grows on anything, but if you are diligent in providing them with an ocean style salt water pool the crab is fairly safe from a bacterial growth problem.

Chlorine kills bacteria their for it will clean and disinfect your pool or hot tube

No, not all bacteria grow on nutrient agar. Nutrient agar is considered one of the least selective agars but some bacteria are fastideous in their growth requirments. Microbiologists have gone to great lengths to get some bacteria to grow in the lab including using nine-banded armadillo foot pads to grow the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae which causes leprosy.

There are a few different temperatures that allow you to grow bacteria. Warm temperatures tend to grow bacteria rather well.

What causes the salt level to rise in a pool

Jam usually has a pH of 3.2. Decay causing bacteria usually can not thrive in an environment with a pH of less than 4.

There is no bacteria that causes hepatitis. Hepatitis A, B and C are caused by a virus, not a bacteria.

There is not 1 bacteria that causes MRSA; numerous strains of bacteria are resistant to antibiotics.

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