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What causes black soot and ghosting on the ceiling?

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Ionic air purifiers. They charge or magnetize the particles and then they cling to everything. Remove a picture from the wall - is the ghosting around the outside? Remove a metal decorative piece - if the particles are magnetized the ghosting will be the opposite - it will be in the same design as the item.

2005-05-03 21:58:30
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What causes black soot and ghosting on the ceiling if you do not have an ionic air purifier?

Are you sure it is not mold? That could be a health risk. If you heating with an oil fired furnace it might be cracked and allowing exhaust in your home. You might need to have this checked out proffessionally since the by product of this exhaust is carbon monoxide.

What causes black soot from exhaust?

burning oil

What is soot and what problems does soot cause?

Soot is produced in incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons. Soot is black and leaves marks. It also causes health problems if in contact or inhaled!

Why do burning candles make the ceiling dirty?

because the soot from the candle rises and sticks to the ceiling which is how they get dirty

Would a black ceiling fan show a lot more dust than the typical white ceiling fan?

A black ceiling fan is likely to show the same amount of dust, unless the dust is dark in color. For instance, it could be mold spores or soot particles from candles. In this case a black fan will be less likely to show the particles.

Stopping black residue from baseboard heater?

To stop the black residue from a baseboard heater, the wall around and near the heater should be cleaned as there are dust particles attached to the wall. This is called ghosting which fine particles of soot attach to the wall that is cooler than the temperature.

What indication about the combustion does the formation of a black soot give?

The formation of black soot indicates that the combustion is not receiving enough oxygen and is incomplete. Black soot is made from mainly carbon.

What is a 4 letter word that means a black substance that comes from burning wood?


What is a noun for soot?

Soot is a noun. It is the black residue left behind by burning some substances.

What is a sentence with soot?

You still have some soot on the very tip of your nose.

What is black gunk in a chimney? asstard

What causes ceramic fireplace logs to turn black?

Soot will accumulate over time and may form more quickly if the gas contains impurities.

What does a black soot consist of?

Soot is the black carbon based substance leftover from incomplete combustion. It creates fine particles that tend to stick to nearby surfaces.

What causes arctic haze?

aerosols and soot from air polution

How do you remove oil burner soot off a ceiling?

use a Mr. Clean magic eraser. that will get anything off.

What is the chemical substance does the block soot consist off?

If you think to black soot this is formed from tiny carbon particles.

What causes black carbon pollution?

a mixture of pollutants such as carbon particulates (CO) and carbon monoxide. But mainly the carbon particulates other wise known as soot.

What is a black substance that come from burning wood?


A black substance that comes from burning wood?


What is formed after burning anything?

black soot and ashes

What is the black particle of an naphthalene when it gets heated?


Black substance that comes from burning wood?


What is a black substance that comes from burning wood?


Why is black soot formed when the flame is luminous?

The glow of the luminous flame is due to incandescent carbon particles. When these particles leave the flame, they cool and become black soot.

What si the similes for as black as?

Examples could be:As black as nightAs black as darknessAs black as a catAs black as sootAs black as coal