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What causes bleeding after urination?

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You could have a kidney or bladder infection. The only way to get rid of it is to see a doctor. Another possibility is a kidney or bladder stone. The stone forms in the kidney and causes bleeding as it travels down the ureter to the bladder. Once the stone is in the bladder it may not cause bleeding again until it begins to travel down the urethra when one urinates. Both infections and stones can be painful. Infections can be very dangerous if the kidney becomes involved. Similarly a stone trapped in the kidney could disastrously affect the production of urine. Medical attention is important if there is blood in the urine.

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What causes bleeding after urination I had a urine test culture done it showed no infection but a moderate amount of blood in the urine what causes this?

Kidney stones could be a cause. Sometimes when a kidney stone is passed it causes a little bleeding.

What causes bleeding and pain after urination in females?

That's a UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. Go to your doctor and they will give you an antibiotic and it should clear up before you know it!

What causes left side abdominal pain and pain during urination?

what causes left side abdominal pain and pain when urination

Where do you find information about the causes of bleeding diathesis?

Information about Bleeding Diathesis can be found on the wikipedia article which has reliable information and the causes. Some of the causes for bleeding diathesis are excessive bleeding and a lack of clotting.

What causes Split stream urination?

Penis size.

What causes excessive bleeding?

Certain bleeding disorders such as anemia, and some medications (plavix, aspirin, coumadin/warfarin) can be common causes of bleeding.

What vitamin cause bleeding gum?

no vitamin causes bleed gum it is the deficiency sign that causes bleeding gum..

What disease can cause excessive bleeding?

Hemophilia causes excessive bleeding

What drug causes urination?

The general term for such a drug would be a diuretic.

What is intestinal bleeding What causes black pooh?

Intestinal bleeding may happen if someone has bleeding in their intestines. It can also happen in the stomach, which then causes black stool at times.

What are the most common causes of bleeding gums?

Some of the most common causes of bleeding gums is lack of flossing and gingivitis.

Can acetaminophen cause bleeding in stool?

Not usually, acetaminophen causes liver damage in overdose. Aspirin causes bleeding in overdose.

What are the causes of gastrointestinal bleeding?

There are many causes of gastrointestinal bleeding. They include colitis, which is inflammation of the bowel, as well as parasites and irritation.

Why is there bleeding after urinating with regards to prostate?

Bleeding after urination is never normal. With regards to the prostate, bleeding can indicate prostatitis or a possible bladder infection, or early-stage prostate cancer. See your doctor or urologist immediately for an evaluation.

Is constant urination a symptom of pregnancy?

Yes, your uterus swells to prepare for the growing baby and the swelling causes pressure on your bladder leading to frequent urination.

Frequent urination in dogs?

There are several reasons why a dog may have frequent urination. Some causes could be diabetes, kidney disease, and thyroid problems.

What are the causes of bleeding in bowel?


What STD causes bleeding?

The clap

What causes burning after urination?

It could be a STD or UTI. It should be checked out by your doctor.

Why was sage used in ancient Rome medicine?

It promoted urination and was used as a local anaesthetic {for the skin} and helped to stop bleeding.

What is the importance of urination in postpartum patient?

To keep the bladder empty, if the bladder is full it can stop the uterus contracting which can lead to bleeding.

What is benign prostate hyperplasia?

BPH produces a swelling of the prostate gland that obstructs the urethra. This causes painful urination, reduced urine flow, difficulty starting or stopping the flow, dribbling after urination, and more frequent nighttime urination.

What causes bleeding in the digestive tract?


What causes venous bleeding?

lacerated vein

What is break through bleeding and how long can this last for?

Break through bleeding (also know as implantation bleeding) is when the fertilised egg implants in the built-up lining of the uterus. This often causes some of the blood vessels in the lining to burst, which causes the bleeding