What causes bloat in rabbits?

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Gastric Dilation (aka "bloat") is sometimes confused with Gastro-Intestinal Stasis (aka GI stasis, ileus) or simple/uncomplicated gas. These three conditions are related but they have separate causes, appearances, and treatments.

Signs that your rabbit isn't well include if the rabbit is not eating anything, or not seeming very happy and not moving around like usual.

See the related links and questions below for details.

Bloat is a very sudden, very severe gas attack where the rabbit's stomach becomes extremely distended and hard. The cause might be bacterial, or something toxic the rabbit ate, or a blockage in just the right spot in the digestive tract (like from eating something that can't be digested properly). Immediate veterinary intervention is required or else the rabbit will die a very painful death. The condition is so serious, and the treatments so agggressive, that a rabbit suffering from bloat does not have a good chance of recovery.

GI Stasis takes longer to develop and the attentive rabbit owner can notice the warning signs; with veterinary care, the chance of recovery is high. GI Stasis results from the rabbit stopping eating: the reason could be pain from an injury, gas, dental trouble, shock from a traumatic event, a hairball or blockage, another illness, etc. Treatment includes belly massage, hydration, force-feeding, pain medication, and gut motility drugs, at least; other treatments may also be required, depending on whatever it is that caused the GI Stasis in the first place. If GI Stasis isn't treated by a vet, it will likely lead to a very painful death for the rabbit.

Gas can develop from certain foods the rabbit eats. Rabbit owners should pay attention to their rabbit's habits, notice what foods give the rabbit gas, and strictly limit those foods in the diet or eliminate them entirely. Certain foods are more likely to cause gas than others, like cabbage and broccoli. Gas can be treated with belly massage, exercise, and simethicone. If untreated, gas might go away on its own, or it might lead to GI stasis.

One person wrote: One of my rabbits had bloat and he died. This does not always happen if you take it to the vets as soon as you realise something is wrong. If your rabbit gets bloat do not blame yourself as this is a common thing and it is usually related to them eating wood, plastic ect.
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What is bloating?

i would believ taht it is when you feel dizzzy you no bloated its something everyone gets but it is believed to also happen when you get your period (for the girls)

Can birth control cause bloating?

Some women complain of bloating in the first few months of starting hormonal birth control. That side effect usually goes away within three months.

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Bloating can be caused by many things, from menstruation to indigestion or serious disease. If you are concerned at all, see a doctor ASAP.

How do you get bloated?

You get bloated by eating a large amount of food at one time. You enough or too many food and you feel that you cant eat anymore.

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There are many things that could cause bloating. A person whobecomes sick could be one possible reason that causes them tobloat.

What causes a bloated stomach?

First I believe the distinction between bloating and distention must be established. Bloating is the feeling you get when your abdominal region is larger while distention is the actual " physical " finding that your abdominal area is larger than normal. Distention is a more serious conditi ( Full Answer )

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Yes. Some individuals have a more sensitive gastrointestinal track and when coffee, which is high acidic, is digested it causes the villi of the small intestines to become irritated disrupting normal digestion. As a result, some individuals experience painful abdominal bloating.

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It sure appears to. I lost my job about 6 weeks ago. I wake up each morning with a bloated stomach with pain in the sternum area. I also have been eating tums like candy but have switched to zantac. Dr. put me on Xanax for anxiety but after taking it for 3 days it made me feel like a complete zombie ( Full Answer )

What cause bloating?

There are many different things that can cause bloating includinggas, constipation, and PMS. Water retention can also causebloating.

What causes dog bloat?

bloat is a medical condition that most maybe even all breeds of dogs are prone to. because a dogs stomach is not as Well you might say) heavily or strongly attached to the ribs as say, ours are, their stomach can flip over which causes, as some say, a "kink" in the digestive system causing the food ( Full Answer )

What causes stomach bloating?

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) causes stomach bloating. Irritablebowel syndrome (IBS) can also cause gas, cramps, diarrhea,constipation, and pain.

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Some B type blood have allergic reactions to soy and bloat. I am one of them. Not all soy products are pure and may contain other products within them that your body may react to. Have a food allergy test done ( a good one ). Wheat flavoring products though natural have allergic reactions such ( Full Answer )

Can high altitudes cause bloating?

I always get bloated when I go to high altitudes and pass alot of wind. Thought it was just me but my sister told me she has the same thing. My stomach feels like it is twice the size and it gets terribly uncomfortable.

What causes canine bloat?

Canine bloat is a serious medical emergency in which the stomach twists on itself and cuts off the entrance and exit, so nothing can leave the stomach. The stomach then starts to dilate with gases from digestion, resulting in bloat. If the pressure is not relieved, it is possible for the stomach to ( Full Answer )

Why does raisin bran cause you to bloat up?

I think you may be gluten-intollerant. You may need a gluten-free diet. This is exctly what happens to me so I no longer eat bread, bran or anything with wheat, rye or bran in it and I no longer bloat. As soon as I do eat it I bloat very quickly. Also, since raisins are really a fruit (dried grapes) ( Full Answer )

Do hernias above the navle cause bloating in the stomache?

The original answer was almost entirely incorrect.\n\nIn addition to the bulge and pain caused by a hernia, a variety of other symptoms can be involved. Digestive issues such as bloating, nausea, and reflux can occur due to to the intestines becoming partially or completely trapped within the herni ( Full Answer )

Does white bread cause bloating?

Nutritional values of food products differ between manufacturers. Nothing in "white bread" should cause such a severe effect without allergy.

What causes bloat?

Bloat is the inability to remove gases (through belching) from the stomach. This is often a result in gorging on too much grain, or high protein feeds such as alfalfa or clover. Gas will continue to build up expanding the stomach and putting pressure on major organs such as the lungs.

Does bread cause bloating?

What to do aboutBloating . Bloating can signal any of several serious digestive diseases.If feeling bloated happens every week or every day then it's achronic condition and you should check with your doctor to find outif it is something that requires medical attention. If there is noserious medica ( Full Answer )

Can bloating cause your stomach to get bigger?

The definition of bloating- Bloating is any abnormal general swelling, or increase in diameter of the abdominal area. So i would say yes. That's exactly what bloating is. but the effects are not permanent.

What does rabbits cause?

They are pests and there has been 2 diseases going around to kill them off

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Absolutely. I currently have a cyst and the doctor found it because my uterus was swollen, making my tummy look rounder, so yes.

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Pasta can cause bloating if you are sensitive to gluten because it contains gluten. Gluten is the protein that surrounds a grain of flour and it is very hard for our bodies to digest. To avoid feeling bloated when eating pasta, try brown rice pasta or another type of pasta that's gluten free. It ( Full Answer )

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There are a number of foods and beverages that can lead to a bloating feeling. . Lactose and food intolerance . Irritable Bowel Syndrome . Food allergies . Gas-producing foods . Beans . Vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, onions, artichokes and asparagus . Fruits such as ( Full Answer )

Does xanax cause bloating or water retention?

For me it does! I've gained four pounds so far (it climbs a bit every day) and I have the same kind of bloating I associate with PMS. Even my fingers are fat! I am hoping this symptom subsides in time. I am only taking .25mg before bed- but I never, ever take any kind of medication whatsoever, exc ( Full Answer )

Does creatine cause muscle cramps and bloating?

usually ya it does cos creatine hold water . but with proper abs exercises it can be neglected and also you loose your bloating one you stop taking creatine.

Can banana chips cause bloating?

Yes, much like popcorn, if you eat too many, and drink a lot of water it can cause your stomach to bloat because the water causes the banana chips to increase in size and retain water.

What causes belly to bloat up?

I think I know this, but in not entirely sure. Ithink its because of gas that you either cant pass, or you don't want to pass.

What to do when you get bloated?

when your eating to much and get bloated the easy answer to lower your bloating is to stop eating so much food and go on a easy diet

Does testosterone injections cause stomach bloat?

If you are using an excessive amount of testosterone (i.e. anabolic steroids), then the answer is yes. What testosterone does not get absorbed by your body's receptor cells will be converted to estrogen, thus causing edema (water retention - "bloating"), gynecomastia and increased body fat. If you ( Full Answer )

What causes a water bloat?

Water bloating or retaining water can be caused by a hormoneimbalance, particularly prior to the menstrual cycle. Pregnancy,long periods of physical inactivity and certain medications canalso contribute to water bloating.

Can the birth control pill cause bloating?

Some women complain of bloating on the pill. If it lasts longer than the first three cycles, or is troublesome, contact your health care provider to discuss a possible pill change.

Can H Pylori cause stomach bloating?

Bloating is a sign of an h. pylori infection. Most people who have an active infection show no signs, however. There is no one symptom or set of symptoms which may be directly attributed to H. pylori infection. Some of the symptoms that may be associated with infection include nausea, abdominal ( Full Answer )

What causes a cows stomach to bloat?

Inability to belch out gases due to build up of bubbly foam caused by eating too much grain or high-protein legumes like clover and alfalfa. Bloat is often a result of cattle being set out on a alfalfa or clover field on an empty stomach, or overloading on a favorite treat.

Can white wine cause gas and bloating?

Yes, it certainly can in some people. It may be that you lack an enzyme to digest it or it may be the sulfites that are causing the problem.

What causes bloating in goats?

Most common causes of bloating is gorging on grains. Goats require a higher amount of roughages in their diet than grains, when they ingest a high amount of grains, the stomach pH levels increase producing gas that cannot be passed. Free range of unfamiliar pastures such as Alfalfa fields. Aflafl ( Full Answer )

What is causing a dog to vomit up her food and be bloated?

it is either because they ate something bad or just have a sensitive stomach or ate off of the table if you let your pets eat off of the table than that can cause diariah,bloating,or vomiting. if you want to know more than call your vet it could be something serious for the time being just feed th ( Full Answer )

What causes bloating to a cow?

Overeating grain, alfalfa and clover on an empty stomach. These forages are very high in protein, and when protein is rapidly digested, often gases build up so fast that the animal cannot belch it out quick enough. A lot of the time when this occurs, a slime on the bubbles occurs which makes it extr ( Full Answer )

Can lung cancer cause a bloated stomach?

Yes. Although not a common symptom, it does occur. This is a symptom my mother (Stage 4 squamous cell NSC lung cancer) is currently experiencing. In her case it is disturbing, but not too painful. Her appetite however is very poor.

Can your gallbladder cause you to feel full and bloated?

One of the potential symptoms of a gall bladder condition known as gallstones is feeling bloated. However there are a number of other conditions (some of them potentially serious) that can cause similar symptoms to that caused by gallstones so it is important that you should speak to a doctor so ( Full Answer )

Can bulimia cause bloating or weight gain?

This is a common sense question. Having bulimia causes you to purge, meaning food exits the body. You may get sick from the loss of nutrition and you'll feel weak a lot. You do lose weight, depending on your body and how it reacts.

What is the cause of a bloated donkey?

There could be several reasons why a donkey is bloated. One reasonthat is common is called colic. A vet can accurately diagnosis theproblem.

What causes weight gain and bloating after a hysterectomy?

One of the things that happens is a change in your hormones and with a hysterectomy you have suddenly lost your hormones in one day. This can cause weight gain and some bloating. Check with your doctor on adjusting your hormones and if you aren't on them get them. I had a hysterectomy last June and ( Full Answer )

Does spores cause sweet curdling and bloating in UHT packs?

Sweet curdling could be caused by growth of spores that were not killed during sterilization and packaging of the product. These spores germinate during storage in UHT products causing instability and bloating.

What are some causes of a bloated stomach?

Bloated stomachs can be caused by dairy products, eating too fast (or drinking too fast), constipation, acid reflux disease, celiac disease, or being too fat among other causes.