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Q: What causes blue stains on pool plaster?
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How can you remove stains from wood chips in a salt system pool?

My experience is that the stains will go away by themselves, through the effects of the chlorination of the water. Does not matter if the pool is a salt pool or fresh water pool. If the pool has a plaster finish, brushing the stains with a wire pool brush will speed up the process.

How do you get green stains off the pool plaster probably from tree debris?

Green stains (copper color) that cannot be removed indicate you might have a pH problem. K

What causes permanent brown stains to a concrete pool?

Permanent brown stains on a concrete pool are caused by improper pH in the water. High levels of calcium can leave extensive staining on the pool's surface.

What does a pool with light gray plaster look like?

---- Water colors will change according to angle, distance and light. White, black, grey and blue plaster colors will give different shades of blue water reflections. Tan plaster colors will reflect green water. Green plaster colors will vary between emerald and blue. A light grey plaster color will be light blue grey on the steps and in the shallowest part of the pool. It will become a darker blue as the water gets deeper.In two words -"Gorgeous" and "Inviting"!

Will a pool with light gray plaster be warmer than a pool with white plaster?

From possibly to somewhat.

What are the causes pool stains and pool algae?

Pool stains can be caused by all kinds of things from leaves laying on the bottom of the pool to chemical imbalance of the water. Algae on the other hand are the result of spores blown into the pool or carried in in other ways that then multiply into blooms if the conditions are right for them.

How do you plaster a swimming pool?

You drain the water then plaster the walls from inside

How do you clean dirt stain line at bottom of gunite pool due to faulty pool sweep?

I seriously doubt that the pool sweep is the problem here with your stains. You will have to describe the stains in order to get to the root of the problem. Are the stains: Rust color or brown? Black or gray? Green? Blue? Are the stains consistent or uniform? Are they all over the pool? Do they cover the whole pool or are they in small patches? Answer these questions and I may be able to tell you the cause. k

Is white blue or gray the best color to paint a pool?

The best color would be your choice of a new plaster finish. Why would you want to paint a pool???

How many Layers of plaster can go on a pool?

Typically two layers of plaster are put on a swimming pool. The plaster needs to have a thickness of at least three-eighths inches, which would be two layers of plaster.

How do you stain a plaster swimming pool?

Mix it in the plaster like mixing flour and water , only with a dye in the plaster

How do you remove rust from a pool with a sand filter?

The filter has nothing to do with the rust stains. You can remove small rust stains from a plaster surface with a small amount of diluted muratic acid. There is a tool specifically for this task which will make it easier to get the acid to the stain. The tool can be found in some pool supply stores. Ken

Does a dark-colored pool plaster hold in the heat better than a white pool plaster?

It makes very little difference

How do you get brown stains off a pool wall?

Brown stains can be removed by doing a shock treatment for the pool and then scrubbing the stain. Enzyme based pool chemicals will also remove brown stains.

Why has Burnout 35 left black stains on the bottom of a plaster pool and how can you remove them?

This must be an algaecide of some sort possible a low grade of chlorine. Did you follow the instructions EXACTLY? Is this product supposed to settle on algae spots? If not , did you brush it to keep it from clumping and settling on the bottom of the pool? The black stains, possible caused by the product burning the plaster where it settled --- improper use of product. Impossible to know without seeing the stains and finding out just how you used the product. Contact Bioguard for further info.

Will SoftSwim by Baquacil harm a plaster pool?


What is the repair method for a plaster pool?

Depending on what the plaster surface damage is to the pool, it really is pretty easy to repair the plaster on your pool. You just need a chisel, or a small angle grinder if you are really handy, a hammer, a trowel, some water and a sponge. they sell pool patch kits for all the pool surfaces. look for pool plaster patch kits and you will find an easy to use solution.

What causes small rust spots to appear on bottom of a pool and how do you get rid of them?

We had rust spots on the botom of our pool and it was caused by the rebar too close to the plaster. We had it jack hammered out when we replastered.

How do you get deep blue water in a pool?

A darker colored plaster will cause the water to look "deep blue". If you're talking about an existing pool you would have to replaster or paint the surface. If you're talking about an above ground pool you would need to replace the liner.

How do you remove black stains from a salt water pool?

Being a 'salt water' pool has no influence on a) how you would remove the stains or b) what caused the stains - so treat the stains as you would in any type of pool. Determine what the stains are. Algae? Metal staining? etc. Your Pool Service or local Pool Shop should be able to help determine that and also recommend the appropriate treatment.

How do you repair a large area of plaster in a gunite swimming pool?

Break out the old plaster and plaster over the area to seal the plaster surface. It is best to lower water level in the pool first but there are patch materials that work under water.

How to remove yellow stains on pool steps?

Bleach might do it. Also investigate the cause of the stains by observing pool users.

Can you use household bleach to clean pool plaster without harm?

Household bleach should not be used to clean pool plaster, and may cause harm. However, using commercial strength bleach or an acid wash will not harm the pool plaster.

Can you use pool paint if the plaster is damaged?

Yes,you just need to patch the plaster first.

Can saltwater swimming pool damage the plaster?

No, salt does not damage the plaster. Improper water balance will.