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What causes brake light message to flash Chrysler 300 when the parking brake is not engaged?

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It's probably a problem with the ABS.

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It may be as simple as your parking brake cable in need of adjustment. To check...pull out the release handle while pulling upward on the parking brake pedal. If the light goes out... voila. Adjust the cable..

2010-02-28 18:51:15
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What causes a knocking sound when backing a car?

If it only happens when backing up, you may have the parking brake engaged.

What causes a Chrysler Sebring 2001 deck error message?

The trunk is open or the ajar switch has malfunctioned.

What causes the back passenger tire to lock up on a 1993 Chrysler Concorde?

Parking brake not adjusted properly? Frozen brake caliper?

What causes brake warning light to stay on in Nissan Maxima?

Does it have abs, are there wear sensors for the pads, is your parking brake properly adjusted, is your parking brake lever switch to notify you of brake engaged making contact. What is your fluid level does it have a sensor is that sensor working, Need more info. to better understand situation.

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What causes the radio and power outlet not to work on a 2001 Chrysler?

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What causes a Chrysler Sebring to stall?

When a Chrysler Sebring is stalling it is possible that poor gasoline has been used. It is also possible that the car needs the spark plugs replaced.

Would the coil pack be the reason a Chrysler New Yorker shuts off?

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What causes Chrysler cirrus to go into Safe mode?

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Causes for Chrysler town and country minivan steering wheel shakes?

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What are the most common causes of a 2000 Chrysler sebring convertible overheating?

The most common causes would be low coolant and inoperable radiator fan.

What causes a brake light on the dash to stay on in a 1988 Plymouth Voyager?

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