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It depends on the size and color of the bumps. If the bumps are a clear to very light yellow in color, likely, the bumps are what are called pinguecula and are caused by Allergies and sensitivity to sunlight. They are not harmful, but may make contact lens use a little uncomfortable at times. If the bumps are brown or black in color, that's usually just pigment... Either way, there is generally no cause for alarm unless the bumps get so large that you feel they're impairing your vision... that however is pretty unlikely. If you have dry or itchy eyes, there are a number of lubricating drops you can purchase over the counter - but... to fully put your mind at ease, I'd say the best solutionwould be is to see a Therapeutic Optometrist so they can give a full & thourough examination of the eyes and check those spots for any irregularities that might night have been addressed in this forum.

Hope that helped some!Cindy

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Q: What causes bumps in the whites of eyes?
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What are red bumps in the whites of the eyes?

burst cappilaries

What causes yellow in the whites of your eyes?


What causes the whites of your eyes to turn green?

It is not known what could possibly turn the whites of the eyes green. It could be any number of things, but it is best to see a doctor right away.

What causes dark color on the whites of eyes?

The sun because they are freckles that the sun gives you.

What is the proper name for the whites of the eyes?

Sclera are the whites of the eyes

My daughter has brown eyes but every now and again the whites of her eyes seem to have a blue tint to them. What causes this.?

well its usually caused by seing a ghost

What are red bumps in the whites of the eye?

burst cappilaries

Why do the whites of your eyes turn yellow?

The whites of the eyes may get a yellow tinge if you are a smoker. But one of the most common reasons for the whites of the eyes turning yellow is a symptom of liver failure.

Why are your whites of your eyes not white?

the whites of your eyes is in reference to the white arond ur eye

What are the body system in jaundice?

The liver is affected in what you call jaundice. This causes the skin and even the whites of the eyes to appear yellow.

Does stress or lack of sleep cause red eyes?

I belive that stress causes lack of sleep and lack of sleep causes red eyes . and to much stress can and will caused blister looking bumps on skin that will burn.. and they wont go away until they are ready to.

What causes goose like bumps on the arm?

they are goose Bumps. :)

What does it mean when a woman shows the whites of her eyes?

Nothing. It's fairly hard to avoid showing the whites of your eyes.

Is it normal for the whites of your eyes to go yellow?

no it isnt. if the whites in your eyes become yellow, you may have jaundice or malaria

What std causes painful genital bumps?

Genital herpes causes painful genital bumps. Molluscum and genital warts are also STDs that cause bumps, but they are not typically painful.

What are bumps under the eyes?

it gust means you are sleepy or you are straning your eyes

Is bilirubin connected with hepatitis?

When the liver is damaged as with hepatitis it is no longer able to metabolize the bilirubin in the blood and causes jaundice which is a yellowing of the whites of the eyes and skin.

What causes razor bumps?

razor bumps are caused from using dirty razors.

What causes small bumps to cover the surface of the tongue?

The taste buds are the bumps on your tongue

Which organ failure causes Jaundice?

Liver failure (typically "Acute Liver Failure"), and Pancreatic Cancer causes Jaundice, a Yellowing of the skin or of the whites of the eyes more correctly called conjunctival icterus.

What causes bumps on tongue?


What causes swelling of the tongue?

Water or biting bumps.

What do Eyes eggs a load of laundry have in common?

They all have whites

What does it mean when the whites of your eyes turn dark yellow?

Eyes turning yellow are usually from a medical condition involving damage to the liver which causes a condition called Jaundice. You should seek immediate medical attention to determine the cause.

Why don't dogs have whites in their eyes?

They do.