What causes bumps on the bottom of your tongue and vagina?


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A disease that can cause bumps on the bottom of your tongue and in the vagina could be syphilis.


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The taste buds are the bumps on your tongue

these bumps are food bumps on our tongue they help us to recognice different food. our tongue has many different different food bumps for eg u can taste anything salty in the bottom of our tongue .

Small white bumps on the tongue are usually called canker sores and they do hurt. They can be caused by something that you ate or drank or smoking. There are other possible causes for small white bumps on the tongue. See link below for further information.

They can be, but there are many other causes, as well.

The bumps on your tongue are taste buds.

Bits of sick. You should drink some water or something.

could be an infection coming and a sign of the first stage of a cold coming

the bumps are sugar bumps. its when you at too much sugar.

Foods that you are allergic to can cause bumps to appear on your tongue.

The bumps on your tongue are called taste buds. Taste buds are what taste your food.

stop shaving temporarily and then see where it goes from there.... the bumps on your legs may have nothing to do with your vagina bumps.

It would depend on what is causing the bumps. Most of the time bumps on the tongue are caused by viral illnesses or by an irritant touching the tongue directly. Without more information, I am not able to refine my answer anymore. If you have red bumps on your tongue, you should go see your doctor to get it checked out and treated.


the side of our tongue is black because that is were our nerves are at and all those little purple bumps on your tongue is the taste buds.

The odd shaped bumps on the side of your tongue don't sound like any medical problem. These bumps are your taste buds.

Probably youre allergic to something ? Might want to get it checked by a doctor

consistant biting on your tongue can give you these red bumps called tongue sours they will be gone in about 2-6 days

Nothing, it's either you have not been scrubbing your tongue enough. OR you got some little cold or something, I don't really know.

There could be several causes for the development of white bumps on any area of the tongue. These include Thrush, excessive dryness, Lichen Planus (an allergic reaction to Hepatitis C), Geographic Tongue, Leukoplakia, a number of oral cancers, or even just a build up of food debris causing a coating over the tongue. If gently brushing the tongue while brushing the teeth and drinking water doesn't help, see a doctor.

I have tiny red painful bumps on my tongue and very painful kanker sores in mouth.

If they are the same color as your tongue, YES. If they are white, NO.

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