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This may not be helpful but if your stomach burns it means you have a lot of acid in you stomach.

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Q: What causes burning and pain in stomach and back?
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Related questions

Where is the pain located with acid reflux?

The throat. The stomach acid reluxes into the throat and the acid causes burning.

What is causes lower back pain and burning urine?

sounds like cystitis

What causes burning back pain and abdomen pain?

From very recent experience, gall bladder attack and pancreatitis.

What can cause pain on the left side of your stomach and lower back pain as well as nausea?

kidney infection causes lower stomach pain and back pain. and nausea. also if infection spreads may cause it to spread and you may become very ill

What causes lower stomach and lower back pain together?

its cause by being pregnant

What are some of the causes of heartburn?

Some causes of heartburn are acidic food, stress, certain medicines. The main cause of heartburn is an underactive esophageal sphincter which is a lip to the entrance of the stomach that keeps the acid inside the stomach. It stays open and lets acid flow back up into the esophagus causing pain and burning.

What can be the reasons for having burning and pain in stomach and back pain also burning urine and hard stool?

It sounds like it is time to visit a doctor for a solution, as soon as possible. Hopefully, you are drinking enough fluids.

Sharp pains in top of stomach can also feel in back?

Gases in the stomach are pushing diaphragm upwards and causes the pain on your back. Change your diet to a lighter one.

What causes lower left back pain and stomach pain?

Can lower back pain be cause by stomach bloating It could be an acute fungal infection, an STI or a sever urinary tract. Or perhaps signs of pregnancy, best to visit your gynaecologist.

What causes lower back pain that goes to the stomach and give diarreha and nausa?

I can you provide me with an answer on my request. Thank you

What are some symptoms and causes to neuropathic pain?

Neuropathic pain often appears to have no obvious cause but some causes include alcoholism, back, leg and hip problems. Symptoms include shooting and burning pain and tingling and numbness.

What causes pain under left shoulder blade?

what causes pain and burning under my left shoulder blade?

You have niggling burning pain on left side of lower back?

burning pain on left side of lower back

Why is feeding backing up in gastrostomy tube?

If the movement of acid and food backs into the esophagus from the stomach into the stomach, it is known as gastroesophageal reflux or feeding backing up. The reflux often causes epigastric burning, pain, vomiting and ganging.

What causes pain aching burning and tingling in the arms hands fingers legs feet and toes without having any upper or lower back pain?


Why does eating ice cause stomach pain?

Because it causes a rapid change in temperature in your stomach, which is interpreted as pain.

What causes pain in your front right stomach going to your back and down your leg?

i have pain going from my lower back right side that wraps around the front going down my right knee and leg.

Why do you get a burning pain in your stomach when you eat pots?

because it has acid or oil palm acids and when digest it forms a burning pain that feels spicy

What causes sharp middle back pain while breathing in?

If it is a burning sensation in your back while you are breathing in, then it is most likely pnemonia, get to the doctor, most probably treatable by antibiotics.

What do stomach ulcers feel like?

Stomach ulcers causes a burning or gnawing feeling in the stomach that usually lasts between 0.5 to 3 hours. The pain is interpreted as heartburn, indigestion or hunger. Pain is usually restricted to upper abdomen but may occur below the breast bone. In some individuals pain occurs immediately after eating; in others it may be delayed a few hours. Stomach ulcers often wakes people at night, and they can be episodic, with pain free weeks followed by frequent pain. The pain may be relieved by eating, drinking milk, or taking antacids.

What are some causes for stomach pain?

This depends on what kind of pain it is. If it is like a burning pain i could tell you from experience that ulcers can cause excruciating irritation. This is especially most likely in those with highly stressful lives. The best thing to do though is speak to your doctor to get a professional diagnosis.

What are the signs of a duodenal ulcer?

The symptoms of duodenal ulcers include heartburn, stomach pain relieved by eating or antacids, weight gain, and a burning sensation at the back of the throat.

What are some causes of stomach pain?

There can be many, many causes for stomach pains. They could be caused by gas, a virus, or food poisoning.

What causes shooting pain and burning between the fingers?

treatment for burning sensation between fingers

Pain mid back to mid waist with burning senstion?

Solution to severe back and waist pain with burning senstion? Name of drugs to use and how to manage it.