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What causes car to shake vibrate hard?

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This can be caused by the washers that hold the engine are loose or worn down, causing extra vibration when the car is running. Not too expensive to fix but involves taking the engine out and replacing the springs on the washers.

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What causes a car vibrate at light stop?

It is idling. This is hard for an engine to do smoothly.

What causes a car to shake and vibrate when accelerating up to 70 or better?

Normally a bent wheel or tire out of balance.

Can the rim or tire cause the car to shake or vibrate?

Yes, either can cause a shake while driving.

What causes a car to vibrate when at stop light?

loud, and shety muffler

What causes a car motor to vibrate?

could be a broken engine mount.

What causes a car to vibrate when in gear?

most likely the cv joints are finished

What causes a car to vibrate in stop light?

Could be time for a tune up.

Why does your 1996 Toyota Camry shake and vibrate when the car is stopped in drive but not while the car is in neutral or in park?

rubber bushings in motor mount worn

What would cause a car to shake and vibrate at 30 mph?

Can be a bent wheel, tire out of balance, or worn suspension parts.

What causes a car to shake on acceleration?

might have misaligned or loose wheels

What causes a car to shake when you brake?

the cuase of this is ussaully worped rotars

Why would a car vibrate or shake sometimes while idling and whle driving 65-70mph?

Loose motor mounts.

What causes the car to vibrate when turning the wheel either left or right out of a parking space?

The power steering pump is working hard and the engine is only idling. It could be the harmonic balancer

What causes a car shake your when you put it drive?

Could be a problem with your torque converter

WHY DOES A 2001 ford focus shake when it comes to a stop?

It could be that a motor mount has failed allowing the engine to vibrate, thus shaking the car.

What causes your car to vibrate at 80 km?

The most common cause is tire out of balance or bent wheel.

What causes car to shake only when car is at a stop?

Cylinder miss, broken motor mount, or vacuum leak.

Why does a 1993 Mazda MX3 steering wheel shake or vibrate real hard when the air conditioning is on and the car is in the park position?

Could be many things. Amoung them, low engine idle, one or more vaccum leaks, engine missing.

What is a sentence using the word vibrate?

Adding heat causes gas molecules to vibrate, increasing the gas volume or pressure. A car with a damaged valve will usually vibrate noisily while operating. Tuning forks are designed to vibrate and thereby create a particular pitch.

Why do your gauges vibrate when you start your car?

Cars vibrate.

Do plug tires causes the car to vibrate?

If the tires are properly balanced plug tires should not cause a vibration.

Why does your car shake and drive rough?

If your car is shaking it could be poor suspension alignment can cause a car to shake and vibrate, and other possible causes are bent or worn suspension parts, old tires, bent wheels and bad brakes. If your car sounds especially rough at speed, the problem could lie with the car's spark plugs and wires. Spark plugs fire more frequently the faster you drive, and the engine will sound rough when they begin to fail.

How do you know if a car drive shaft needs balancing?

As you increase your speed the whole car will begin to vibrate, not shake but vibrate. The images in the mirrors will be just a blur.

What causes car to shake when idle?

Cylinder misfire. Possibly failed or failing engine mounts.

What causes a car to start to shake and loose power?

The engine of the car may need to be cleaned or your oil may need to be changed.

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