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It could be an ear infection. If it continues I would go and see the doctor. It also could be a pinched nerve. It's worth seeing your doctor about it if it happens often.

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What causes dizziness when one lies down and turns their head to the right and when getting up at times?


What causes dizziness only when tilt head to the left?

ear infection , or blockage.

What is the nursing intervention of dizziness?

laid head of bed down flat

What can cause dizziness when turning head quick left or right?

there are these things called crystals in your ears, when they are jarred it causes dizziness..Basically it's an in balance

What causes dizziness when moving head?

A common cause can be Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo (BPPV).

Which bird turns it head upside down to eat?

A flamingo is a bird that turns it's head upside down to eat food :) I really hope my answer was helpful :)

Which bird turns its head up side down to eat?

A flamingo is a animal that turns it's head around to eat :) I really hope my answer was helpful :)

Why are you dizzy when you lay down or get up?

dizziness can be caused by several different health problems. The most common is called Vertigo. Vertigo causes you to feel nauseous because of the dizziness. The only treatment for it, is to get your doctor to prescribe Meclizine for nausea and stay home and do not lean forward or move your head real fast. It will stop on its own. another cause of dizziness is from consuming too much alcohol.

What causes dizziness when you stand up or bend down?

Well, when you stand up, your atmospheric pressure in your scalp is a couple feet higher than sitting down, so the pressure exerted by air molecules O2 and CO2 and N2, make the pressure on your head higher.

A whirling feeling in your head is called?


What does it mean when you have twitching lips and dizziness in the head?

You may be having a stroke if you have twitching lips and dizziness in the head. You should seek immediate medical attention.

What causes a cylinder head to get warped?

Overheating or head bolts not properly torqued down when assembled.

Dizziness and fainting normal for 16 year old?

Dizziness and fainting are never normal. Possible causes: low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) or severe dieting, drug use, low blood pressure or pregnancy (in a female). Other causes could include epilepsy, concussion (from head injury), tumor.

What would someone do to help himself if he is dizzy?

Sit down and put their head between their knees. Dizziness is associated with a lack of blood to the brain.

What are the symptoms of head trauma?

Headaches, dizziness, confusion

Can arthritis in the neck cause you to get dizzy in the head when you turn your head or lay down?

I have suffered from severe dizziness upon lying down and turning my head in the past. I researched it and found a syndrome called BPPV. You may want to plug this into a search engine and see if it sounds like your problem.

What causes Pain down left side from head to toe?

It could be anxiety

Can hitting your head cause dizziness?

Yes it can give you a disease!

What causes severe head pain while coughing accompanied by dizziness and nausea?

This could be a benign exertion headache. For proper diagnosis and treatment, see your doctor or Headache Specialist.

What do i have if im dizzy?

If you are dizzy, well sit down and hold your head! dizziness also come when you spin. your brain can't keep up with what your seeing, and your head starts hurting. if you eat little, you can also get dizzy.

What causes dizziness when sneezing?

When a person sneezes, they sneeze hard,like going 60 in a car. you know how hard that air feels when it hits you, that's how hard you sneeze, and it puts pressure in your head.

What is Sinus headache that turns to a bump on the head then turns to scab?

A sinus headache that turns into a bump on the head and then turns into a scab could actually be a boil. You should see a doctor for confirmation.

Causes of dizziness and nausea?

Dizziness and nausea is often symptoms associated with a condition known as vertigo. Vertigo is a condition that occurs when there is a problem in the middle ear. The middle ear (more specifically the vestibular system) is responsible for maintaining your sense of balance but when this system is not functioning properly you may feel dizzy, disorientated and even lose your sense of balance. Quick movements of the head can also cause dizziness.

How do you stop dizziness?

First of all lie Down an pour yourself ice cold water.If that does not work massarge your head. After that try and get some sleep.if that does not work go to A&E.

What causes dizziness after taking a nap?

There is a liquid in your ears which helps your body balance. When you first wake up, and you quickly lift up your head, the liquid in your head is still on the side you were sleeping on and you body thinks that you're sleeping on that side, but your eyes tell you that you are standing straight.

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