What causes elastic deformation?

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Elastic deformation is caused by applied forces. It is also when solids are either twisted or pull and then return to its normal shape.

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What is the source of elastic energy?

Mechanical energy (that causes the elastic deformation).

What is the deformation in between elastic limit and yield point is elastic deformation or plastic deformation?

Elastic Deformation

What is elastic deformation?

Elastic deformation is recoverable deformation. As such, when the load that caused the deformation is removed the material will return to it's original shape.

What are the types of rock deformation?

elastic deformation, ductile deformation and fracture

What kind of deformation leads to earthquakes?

elastic deformation

What is the difference between deformation modulus and Young's modulus?

youngs modulus is modulus of elasticity which includes only elastic deformation where as deformation modulus or modulus of deformation include both elastic and inelastic deformation. In general, deformation modulus having less valve as compare to elastic modulus .

Difference between plastic and elastic deformation?

Plastic deformation is permanent (like breaking a plate.) Elastic deformation is recoverable (like stretching a rubberband.)

What type of deformation leads to earthquakes?

elastic deformation leads to earthquakes

Give an example of elastic deformation and plastic deformation?

In an elastic deformation, the object will return to its original shape afterwards (like tapping your arm softly with a needle, without piercing the skin). In a plastic deformation the object will first undergo elastic deformation, but then undergo a deformation that changes the shape of the material. (like tapping your arm with a needle that pierces through the skin and leaves a small wound).

What is a rock deformation that is like a stretched rubber band and leads to earthquakes?

Elastic Deformation

What happens when there is elastic deformation?

Elastic deformation means that while the force is applied to a body some deformation ( bending , streching , etc) will take place but as soon as the force is removed the body will return to its original shape with no defects.

Why are ligament elastic and tendons inelastic?

Since they connect bones ,their deformation is smal and in the elastic range.

What is elastic force?

Elastic force is when something is being stretched or compressed.

Change in a shape of rock due to stress?

elastic deformation

Difference between plastic deformation elastic deformation?

HI!!!!check out my answer....The difference between the two is....The plastic deformation will occur where pressures are relatively high and the strain rate relatively low. During plastic deformation, the materials flow and changes in shape will be permanent. While,The elastic deformation will change shape in response to a stress, then snap back into it's original shape if the stress is removed. (in other words, the strain is recoverable)IN short word...THE PLASTIC DEFORMATION ARE PERMANENT AND THE ELASTIC DEFORMATION WILL GO BACK TO ITS ORIGINAL SHAPE.ROCEL TADINA1- newton

Which occurs at a lower stress value ductile deformation or elastic deformation?

Ductile deformation is when rock is given enough stress to break. If the stress is less, it will bend but not break.

A metal that returns to its original after being deformed has undergone?

elastic deformation

What are the factors that influence elastic energy?

Rigidity and deformation (elongation and decompression).

What is it called when there is a temporary change to a solid?

You think probable to an elastic deformation.

What forms when deformation causes the lithosphere to break?

There are different tectonic structures that are formed when deformation causes the lithosphere to break. The deformation of the lithosphere is caused by the weight of the ice.

What is the definition of elastic force?

Elastic force is force that arises from the deformation of a solid body. This type of force is also conservative.

Difference between elastic anelastic and plastic deformation?

elastic time independent and non-permanent an-elastic time-dependent and non permanent plastic permanent.

What part of the curve represents the elastic deformation of a material?

I assume you mean the curve of length against applied force (or mass) for a wire. The beginning part of the curve should be a straight line, and this is where the deformation is elastic. When the substance passes its elastic limit, the line starts to curve up.

Is it true Elastic deformation occurs when a material deforms as stress is applied?


Difference bw elastic and plastic torsion?

after the removal of load if the object regains its original position is called elastic deformation ....If the object cant regain its original position even after the removal of applied load is called plastic deformation...