What causes eyes to burn?


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The sun

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Hydrochloric Acid. Looking at your parents doing it usually just burns the eyes and causes temporary blindness.

Burn My Eyes was created on 1994-08-09.

The clorine gets in your eyes.

Your eyes are very sensitive to things and the eyeliner has chemicals in it that burn you eye.

because the hydrogen starts to burn and causes fire and it also spits out very hot acid which is dangerous for your eyes and could burn your skin instantly.

eyes burn because its either dry and maybe have stuff in your eye. maybe even have a gas in the area that will make your eyes burn. trust me i know this stuff it always happens to me daily.

I belive that stress causes lack of sleep and lack of sleep causes red eyes . and to much stress can and will caused blister looking bumps on skin that will burn.. and they wont go away until they are ready to.

Your eyes burn after crying because your eyes are not use to crying and your tears contain salt which some salt gets trap in your eye.

dry eyes itchy eyes contact water

heat causes a thermal burn

Lack of sleep causes bags under the eyes.

They don't burn, they melt - from friction.

they can burn out the retnas of your eyes

A second degree burn causes blistering.

They shouldn't.. unless you get shampoo or soap in your eyes, which usually contains alcohol that can burn your eyes.

Yes, it will sting/burn your eyes and will perhaps blind you.

It means he was intensely staring into the persons eyes.

actually your eyes do not burn when you have a fever but they do hurt when you have a cold or the flu.

The amount of melanin in the eyes.

sore eyes, irritated eyes sore eyes, irritated eyes

There is acids in there and acids have products.

my honda oddessy burn a lot of gas

You forgot to light it?

Thiopropanal sulfoxide. It is believed that this molecule forms sulfuric acid when it hits your eyes and makes them burn. This does not appear to be harmful to to body.

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