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There are many causes of infertility; infection, injury, disease, age. The problem can be physical like endometriosis or hormonal (or both). Each woman dealing with fertility problems needs to be seen by a specialist to determine what caused her situation and how best to deal with it.

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Some health consequences of anorexia nervose are?

It can cause Estrogen levels to drop which causes lots of problems from fertility to bone density.

Problems with fertility?

These days fertility problems are hardly an issue. For minor cases often making a fertility chart of a woman's cycle or using a fertility calculator will help, and even in severe cases IVF is often successful

Is marijuana a good Fertility Treatment?

Marijuana is not known to be a fertility treatment at all. In fact there are studies suggesting that it causes fertility issues.

Can obesity affect fertility?

Yes, obesity affects fertility. The metabolic activity of extra fact creates unhealthy changes in hormone balance that can lead to fertility problems. These problems can include decreased ovulation and increased risk of miscarriage.

What is a sentence with the word fertility?

The fertility test has come back.The fertility of the soil matters when it comes to crops.His fertility has been declining for years.

How does obesity affect fertility?

For women, either extreme in weight can interfere with a successful pregnancy. For men, if they are too tired to have sex or have difficulty locating their genitalia, then that could affect their fertility. In addition, if the weight causes cardiovascular problems, then that could impact their ability to have an erection.

Can you have artificial insemination done?

Yes, but you need to go to a doctor who handles fertility problems. at what age is the limit for fertility treatment

Can there be fertility problems having a child after a c-section?


Causes and effects of communism?

through love comes fertility

Would a person with Cystic Firosis be sterile?

Cystic Fibrosis can but not always lead to fertility problems. In most men with CF, the tubes that carry sperm are blocked, which causes infertility (approx 95%). Because underweight women are more likely to have irregular menstrual cycles, the nutritional problems associated with CF may affect fertility. hope this helps

Are men with cf sterile?

Although Cystic Fibrosis does not cause sexual impotency, it can lead to fertility problems. In most men with CF, the tubes that carry sperm are blocked, which causes infertility.

When do you go to a fertility clinic?

A couple goes to a fertility clinic when they are facing problems with conceiving a child. Inorder to determine if the couple are fertile or not, the fertility clinic will perform a series of tests to determine if they can conceive or not.

What is the main causes of overpopulation in Pakistan?

Massive agriculture caused by fertility. The more food and water, the more population grows. Countries with harsh climates that have low fertility and less agriculture such as Canada have small populations and slow growth. Measuring fertility is everything when measuring the causes of population growth.

How does clomid help fertility?

Clomid helps fertility by causing the person taking it to ovulate. the most common reason for needing fertility drugs is due to inability to ovulate which in turn causes the person tonot concieve.

Why do some couples have ivf?

Sometimes either the man or woman has fertility problems and IVF is sometimes a way to get around those problems.

Can a miscarriage cause fertility problems?

no it can not.but if you have a misscarriage there is a high rate of you have another one

Can a sterile man get help from a fertility doctor to be able to conceive?

It will depend on the causes of his sterility.

What causes of problems including the unfair trading system?

What are the causes of the problems including the unfair trading ystem?

What are some common causes of respiratory problems?

Asthma, allergies, COPD (smoking) are some causes of respiratory problems.

What is a common causes of stress?

There are several causes of stress that affect the development of it.General causes are# Relationship problems # personal un-satisfaction # workplace stress # financial problems # health problems # family disputes # ....

What are major health problems in Jamaica?

The main health issues for Jamaican women are nutrition, fertility, infection, chronic diseases, and stress and social problems.

How can gonorrhea affect your fertility?

Gonorrhea can affect fertility if it causes scarring in the reproductive tract. Scarring in the thin tubes like the epididymis and fallopian tubes can block the movement of sperm and eggs.

How do you keep fertility intact?

Healthy diet that includes folic acid and vitamin E has been advocated by some. Appropriate exercise and hygiene. Avoid STD because some of them can cause mechanical disturbances to fertility (Chlamydia can block the fallopian tubes). Just keep general good health, including a healthy weight. Nonetheless, some fertility problems result from more serious problems that involve antibodies, endocrine abnormalities, vascular disorders and reaction to medications. Consult your doctor. Remember that fertility problems can affect men and women.

List at least four causes of hard drive problems?

list at least four causes of hard drive problems?

What if you have one testicle?

This should not be a problem in conception as you still should have millions if there is no other fertility related problems.