What causes food to decay?

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Food will decay if bacteria or fungi is on the food because fungi and bacteria are living organisms so they eat at the flesh of the food which cause the fungi to spread or cause the bacteria to multiply which eventually will cause the food to eventually be 100% decomposed.
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What causes tooth decay?

- Not brushing your teeth - Eating so much sweets and chocolate or sugary foods - Consuming too many acidy foods such as vinegar - Smoking

What is the leading cause of tooth decay?

Answer . Plaque made up of a variety of anaerobic bacteria.. Real Answer . Nutrient deficiency combined with imbalanced blood sugar. .

What is radioactive decay caused by?

Is the process by which the atomic nucleus becomes slightly smaller, as a result of the emission of particles, electromagnetic radiation, or both.. ELECTROMAGNETIC FORCE is the right answer

Does Pepsi cause tooth decay?

All Sodas can over a long period of time. I would say that coke would cause faster decay than pepsi.

How does sugar cause tooth decay?

It is said that all types of sugar can cause tooth decay. The most expected sugars to give tooth decay are sucrose, glucose, fructose, and maltose. Bacteria use the energy in the sugar and then make acids which attack teeth and tooth enamel. This then causes tooth decay, which is also known as denta ( Full Answer )

How do microorganisms cause decay?

If you mean the ones in your mouth then this is your answer. Food gets caught between your teeth and the microorganisms feed on this. because they are so small the food passes through very quickly, undergoing a chemical change and becoming an acid. The acid then 'eats' at the teeth causing more chem ( Full Answer )

Does sugar cause tooth decay?

Yes, sugar is one of the leading causes of tooth decay. It is veryimportant to brush your teeth after every meal to avoid toothdecay.

What makes food decay?

Bacteria are a leading cause that makes food decay. These manybacteria grow and thrive in great amounts of heat causing your foodto decay at a quick rate.

What food causes tooth decay?

sugary food. junk food. sticky food. check out the article in related links. Sugary and high in caffeine drinks, for instance, soda(coca cola) --->+acidic ones

What causes food decay?

Bacterial activity. Any un-preserved or uncooked foods are vulnerable to food decay. Bacteria find the food, release enzymes on to the food and then digest the enzymes.taking part of the food away. Remember bacteria need certain living conditions. . Moisture . Non acidic or alkali conditio ( Full Answer )

Why does food decay?

\nFood decays and rots due to the growth of organisms that develop over time. These organisms feed on the food item, causing it to decay and become unfit for human consumption.

What causes decay?

decay is caused when detritvores break up dead animals or plants and increase the surface area. microorgasims then complete the process of decay.

What is food decay?

Its when Microbes(bacteria and fungi) grow on food causing it to decay and rot.They will multiply while on the food.

How do foods decay?

Microbes grow on and in food causing it to decay or rot. Microbes will increase in numbers as they destroy the food. They are almost everywhere and on almost everything you can think of. They are in the air, the water, the soil, your food, your clothes, and on your hands. Basically, all the methods ( Full Answer )

When does food decay begin?

Decay starts almost immediately upon harvesting. Changes within the food are almost imperceptible at first, but they start as soon as the food is separated from its life source.

What chemical reaction in decay of food?

The chemical reaction that takes place in the decaying of food isknown as fermentation. Fermentation converts sugars into acids,gases or alcohol.

How do you prevent food decay?

few ways 1 - Freeze food, this slows reactions taking place, it will not completely stop the decaying process, also know as freezer burn. 2 - Heat food - this causes enzymes to become denatured and stop them decaying food 3 - vacuum pack - this deprives decomposers of oxygen so that they cant live 4 ( Full Answer )

Why water decays food?

Each molecule of water is polarized, which means that one side is positively charged and the other side is negatively charged. Because of this, when water runs over a substance, the water molecules catch on to the other molecules and pull them into the water (decay), or stick them to each molecule ( ( Full Answer )

Is tooth decay caused by bacteria?

Yes. Tooth Decay will start as too much Bacteria builds up in a tooth. Bacteria build ups are caused by not taking proper cleaning routines with your teeth

What is the cause of animals not decaying in the desert?

Well, it's like the process of mummification. Once the body has died, the sells decay as well, making gases that build up in the body. Creating further decaying of the flesh, but not the bones. BUT, the extreme flashes of hot and cold weather prevents these conditions. Thus a mummy/or a non decayed ( Full Answer )

How do fungi cause decay?

fungi can not cause decay but it would be the other way around. worms and other insects will also speed up the decaying process then fungi amd other decomposers such as fungi break it down

What is the causes of decayed teeth?

Something eating through the enamel on your teeth. Such as... Acid. Acid will wear away at your tooth enamel and get inside and the bacteria from your mouth will get into the interior of your teeth and eat away at the center of your tooth called the pulp.

What microbe causes tooth decay?

Tooth decay is not caused by a microbe. Yet, the more sugar we eat the more chance of our teeth rotting.

What food prevents tooth decay?

Tooth decay, or dental caries is not caused by the lack of any particular vitamins or nutrients. Unlike diseases such as scurvy, which can be prevented by intake of vitamin C; or night-blindness, which can be prevented by vitamin A intake; dental caries prevention is not diet controllable. However a ( Full Answer )

Causes of decay to cultural properties?

The most uniform and universal cause for decay of Cultural property is Gravity. Other main causes of decay are due to Natural agents and Man-made agents. Natural agents include natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, lightening, etc. Through ( Full Answer )

Bacteria causes what decay?

All decay is bacterial (except when the term is used metaphorically, as in social decay).

Can medications cause tooth decay?

Medications do not typically 'cause' dental decay, however, some medications can cause a decrease in salivary production. Saliva is important in neutralizing acids that cause decay. Therefore, some medications can contribute to the incidence of tooth decay.

What environment does food decay quickest?

Warm and moist would rot food most quickly. Most enzymes work best at warm temperatures and so do spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms.

What are the three causes of dental decay?

simple; caffeine, nicotine and candy. however, you can avoid it but reduce your intake for caffeine and nicotine. make sure you had dessert after eat candy and don't forget to brush your teeth. also, meet your dentist regularly.

What is a term for an organism that causes decay?

The term for an organism that causes decay is decomposers, such as bacteria and fungi. they chemically break down organic matter for food. the decay caused by the decomposers is part of a process that produces detritus, small pieces of dead and decaying plant/animal remains.

Can dry cat food decay causing a cat to get sick?

Of course. Imagine yourself eating a piece of stale food or something. Cats shouldn't - by rights - eat decying food unless they are starving. Dry food goes stale quickly - not just in the bowl (be sure to change the food every day) but in the packaging, too. Bacteria can grow and multiply in the ki ( Full Answer )

How does plaque caused tooth decay?

Plaque is various types of bacteria in large quantities. These bacteria metabolize (eat) carbohydrates (sugars) that are in the mouth. The bacteria then produce acids which erode the enamel of the teeth, resulting in tooth decay.

What do alpha and beta decay cause?

Alpha and beta decay cause a change in the number of protons and nuetrons in an atom. In other words they both cause a change in the atom itself. Alpha decay causes the loss of 2 protons and 2 neutrons, while beta decay causes the addition of a single proton to the nucleus.

Do lemons cause tooth decay?

They don't cause tooth decay, the way some food do, but any acidic food; lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, et.al, can eat away at the enamel, leading to dental difficulties.

What types of organisms cause decay?

Most of the times, it is the organism itself that decay... But think of the issue over in the Rockies right now... The beetles are decaying the trees... I don't remember the name, but that is one of them.

Why does decaying food smell bad?

It doesn't necessarily smell bad. To a fly, it smells great! To most animals, humans included, it smells bad because it would make us very ill if we ate it. Therefore, nature has provided us with the survival instinct of finding it very unpleasant so that we avoid eating it. Answer 2 Bad smeell i ( Full Answer )

What causes uranium to decay?

Because uranium is a radioactive unstable element; the stability of the nucleus depends on the proportion between protons and neutrons.

How does cooked food stop decay?

Cooking food kills any bacteria already on the food (assuming it isheated sufficiently). If there is no bacteria on the food it takeslonger to decay. If you do not finish the food you must refridgerate it to continueto stop spoiling because the cold also slows down the process.

Why is food decay a necessary process?

Food decay is very important. For example, You are completely addicted to bananas. Without bananas you think that your life would end. There is one problem- food decay stopped for some strange and random reason. Outside your house there is a huge pile of banana peels. The neighbours are begi ( Full Answer )

What causes radioactive decay and why?

Unstable configurations of protons and neutrons in the nucleus causes most of it. A relatively rare cause is when in very massive atoms the innermost shell of electrons (the K shell) is compressed and distorted so that its probability cloud significantly overlaps the nucleus, permitting electrons to ( Full Answer )

How can bacteria cause tooth decay?

Bacteria metabolize simple carbohydrates (sugars) and produce acids. Over time the acid corrodes the enamel of the tooth resulting in tooth decay.