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What causes gas pedal to stick while driving a 1996 Ford Ranger?


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2004-11-23 19:47:49
2004-11-23 19:47:49

Take it to a mechanic ASAP. This is very dangerous. a cause of is the throttle cable fraying replace the throttle cable.

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Remove the air cleaner duct hose.Take some gumout spray and clean the throttle plate. (large flapper)They will build up with a black gum which causes the pedal to stick off idle. If it sticks at speed it may be a bad cable... get it replaced.

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Your cabel, the one that is conected to your throttle may needed to be looked at.

If its fuel injected i have no idea. But if not just watch the motions and something will either be rubbing or one of the springs are worn out.

The pedal needs to be greased with good ole WD-40 where the pedal goes into the firewall.

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Check around brake pedal for something rubbing. If OK, I'd look into the master cylinder.

you probably have a worn out throttle cable. replace as soon as possible before you have a wreck. they are usually $20.-30 for new one.

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check the cruise motor to is just above the peddle A rusty/tight throttle body. It should be by the oil dipstick + oil fill cap.

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