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possible faulty pcv valve.or bad rings if you detect smoke

if you have a Manuel gas pump on the side of your engine it would be the first thing i would change

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โˆ™ 2010-09-15 10:49:54
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Q: What causes gasoline in the crankcase?
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Why is there gasoline in your crankcase oil?

Its a design problem. Ideally there shouldn't be.

How gasoline causes chapping?

How gasoline causes chapping?

What if there is unburned gasoline in your engine?

The unburned gasoline accumulated in the crankcase is recirculated by the PCV valve to the intake air and burned again. The unburned gasoline in the exhaust reacts inside the catalytic converter, making carbon dioxide and water.

What causes a 17 HP Kohler CV490 Engine to blow oil out the exhaust?

The crankcase is full of gasoline. The reason for this is because of a problem with the needle in the carburetor. It allows gasoline to continue flowing into the combustion chamber even when the engine isn't running. An easy fix for this is to install a fuel shutoff valve in the fuel line close to the carburetor.

What effect does excessive revving have on your car engine?

Excessive revving of an engine causes overpressure in the crankcase. It causes unhealthy expansion in the pistons and the valves.

What causes the most air pollution is the burning of?


Why does oil smell like gas but compression is good?

Not knowing what vehicle and engine you have you may have a faulty fuel pump leaking gasoline into the engine crankcase.

Vaporization of gasoline causes what change?

A liquid is transformed in a gas.

What cause a car moves?

What causes a car to move is gasoline.

What causes water in oil?

Assuming you mean what causes engine coolant getting into the crankcase oil, most commonly a bad head gasket or a cracked head is the culprit.

What are the two types of positive crankcase ventilation system?

open crankcase ventilation and closed crankcase ventilation.

What causes a gasoline engine to diesel?

pree ignition timing is advanced

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What causes a gasoline odor in a car

Is crude oil the oil you put in cars?

Yes, but they make it into gasoline first. Crude oil is not the oil you put in the crankcase. That is oil that is refined from crude oil and then additives are added.

What is crankcase oil?

crankcase oil is the oil in the engine .some call it crankcase oil some call it engine oil

Blowby is caused mainly by?

Combustion pressure getting past the piston into the crankcase. Worn rings or failed piston are normal causes.

Causes of water pollution in the US?

Oil, Gasoline, Sewage,pesticides, etc.

Will copper lower gasoline octane?

Octane is a chemical in gasoline that causes it to burn well... copper won't do anything... octane is a natural gas... uh... what? no!

You have oil leaking out of your air filter on your Briggs and stratton engine?

the valves or rings are allowing compression blow by to enter the crankcase which causes excess pressure that is brought to the carburetor by the breather tube. your engine is getting tired or you have too much oil in the crankcase.

When a reciprocating compressor is sweating at the crankcase?

It is flooding liquid back to the crankcase

What causes gasoline to go bad?

There are many things that can cause gasoline to go bad. Time (decrease in volatility), oxidation, or water contamination are all culprits.

What causes air polution?

gasoline, car exhaust, burning tires, fossil fuels

Where is the crankcase on GMC jimmy?

Crankcase is a generic name for the entire internal engine.

Where is the crankcase pressure sensor on a cummins isx engine?

In crankcase filter box

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Crankcase - Transformers - was created in 1989.