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There are many causes for this:

One very common cause is that you're "topping off" the ball. This means you're striking the ball on the top, not getting good contact. To correct this problem, perhaps bend your knees more, don't choke up on the clubs as much, or buy longer clubs. The best thing you can do is consult a Golf pro to get effective shot help

It cost too much money to take lessons. Its simple. Tee the ball up higher. Dont pull your head. AND KEEP YOUR SHOULDERS LEVEL. I used to have this problem when I switched from a 10.5 to a 9.5 degree driver. I wanted loft so I sunk my shoulder which made it worse. Just hit the range and work it out.

Diff answer :) from mlmiller9112.- I have played golf for eight years and have received lessons for about 5. You may be putting the ball too much in the back of your stance, which will make your ball go lower. With irons, put it in the middle or a little more "up" in your stance. With woods, make sure you are standing close enough to the ball (if you are standing too far away, then you will hit it like you are describing.) so that you are not reaching for it as you swing. Also, make sure your woods are up in your stance and lean to your right slightly before you swing (this will make swing easier). Make sure you are going "low to high" when you swing, so you will be lifting it up from the ground and not driving down, which will make it go lower and get back spin (in fairway not good, on green good). With chipping, make it higher up in your stace and choke down on your club (I use a Gap wedge like I breathe air :D) so that you do not go over the green. Plus, do NOT use your wrists when you chip! Make sure you are taking an easy swing, making contact with the ground, and that you are NOT USING YOUR WRISTS! This will make your swing "scoopy" and not consistant.

Let me know if this helped!

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Q: What causes golf shots to be extremely low without trajectory and how can it be corrected?
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