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this could be caused by poor circulation but check it out with your doctor. Are you a cigarette smoker and what is your age?

== == Possibly Arthritis or poor circulation, try getting more Omega 3 in your diet.

Have your Thyroid checked out by a Doctor.

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Hands cramping while sleeping

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Q: What causes hands to cramp?
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What causes hands and toes to cramp?

lack of water

What are you lacking in your diet that causes your hands and fingers to cramp?

Cramps are very often caused by not drinking enough water.

What causes muscles to cramp up?

it usally happens when a muscle is tight and it gets luse quickly and causes a cramp

What causes feet and legs to cramp?


What are some causes of a leg cramp?

There are several causes of a leg cramp. Some possible options are exercising, pregnancy, exposure to cold temperatures, being hydrated or taking certain medicines.

What causes cramp in calf muscle for a male?

Lack of potassium.

What causes muscular cramp?

yurh face!! lol jkjk

What causes leg cramp?

Not Stretching before exercises or workouts.

What chemical process causes muscles to cramp?

Anaerobic Respiration.

Other causes of cramping of hands I am male age 67 my hands will cramp at any given time. No pain accompanys the cramping. It takes about 30 secs for the hands to relax. TX?

Hand cramping can be a result of dehydration or overuse of the hands. If it is not, it could be a result of diabetes, kidney diseases, or thyroid disorders and should be looked at by a doctor.

Pain under lungs when you over run?

This is a diaphragm (muscle under lung) cramp, you breathe to fast when you run, so it causes a cramp.

A muscular contraction that causes a muscle to shorten as it develops tension?


What does the build up of lactic acid cause?

It causes a muscle to cramp.

What causes cramp?

Sitting in a certain position for a long time could cause cramp. A lack of potassium can let you cramp up easier. To prevent this, eat more bananas. Seriously! They have lots of potassium in them.

What causes cramp or a painful stitch when you undergo excessive exercise?

your muscles get so tired from all the exercise that they can't handle the amount of exercise, because of this your muscle produces a chemical called LACTIC ACID which then causes cramp/stitch......

What happens to your muscles if you exercise anaerobically?

anaerobic respiration causes a build up of lactic acid in your muscles which causes cramp.

Do you have to milk pygmy goats?

You can if you want your hands and fingers to cramp. But people usually do not milk their pygmy goats.

What is the reason why your finger cramp while you are sleeping in both hands?

fingers cramps while sleeping, what is the solution

What causes pain on the top of your feet from your toes to your ankles especially when curling your toes?


What causes fingers and toes to cramp?

at night i have painful cramping and sometimes numbness in my fingers and toes

What causes muscle cramping after rigorous exercise or repeated movement?

Your muscles cramp up after exercise if you do not stretch

What causes your fingers to cramp up and go into muscle spasim?

Possibly overuse. If this happens repeatedly, visit your doctor.

Why do your legs cramp?

hypopotassium? muscle cramp? excercise?

Why some people has caibra on hands and legs i saw in the dictionary Portuguese English in portugues is caimbra?

The Portuguese word "cãibra"," in English is "cramp.

What is the English word for thudakkuka after washing the face or hands in Malayalam?

Thudakkuka English meaning