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This could be caused by a number of reason's , The first thing I would check is to make sure my battery is sucure and can't slide over and ground out the hot post.The second thing I would check is to see if the wire from my headlight's to my battery's hot wire is getting a good conection(I have had both problem's in older vechile's)

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โˆ™ 2006-11-05 10:21:32
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Q: What causes headlights to shut off randomly?
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How do you turn off the headlights in a 2000 Celica?

Shut the car

Headlights wont shut off?

check the headlight/multifunction switch

On ford windstar 99 why the Headlights turn on when I shut off the car?

On a 1999 Ford Windstar, the headlights might come on when the car is shut off because of a mechanism that allows for a courtesy light. The headlights come on for a few seconds to allow time for the driver to enter a building.

The headlights are on and you can't switch them off?

Headlights are on a relay. It may have fused shut. The relay maybe in with the fuses. Some have a delay going off which may have failed.

Does the ipod touch 4th generation randomly shut off?

Yes, sometimes they'll randomly shut off. It's a huge problem. Most of the time, they won't turn back on for a while. You can find tons of cases of this happening.

Should the headlights always be on on 1998 olds achieva?

they turn off automatically when you shut off the car..

Why are your headlights flashing on and off randomly while driving?

Loose connection somewhere. Bad switch maybe.

What would cause the headlights to flash on and off while the car is shut off and parked?

It is possible that the headlights are activated by the alarm. If that is not the case, if it has auto turn on headlights the module can be going bad. Other than that I don't know.

Why does my DS randomly shut off?

It could be because you don't have any battery left.

1999 Mercury Sable Headlights wont turn off with engine off?

why do my head lights stay on when shut off after 20 minuets still on

How do you shut off the headlights in a Chevy Astro van?

Square switch to the left of the steering wheel.

How do you shut off 1999 Chevy pick up headlights?

With the ignition off set the park brake then turn the truck on and the light will be off

Why do the ipod touch randomly shut off?

It doesn't actually randomly shut off. It auto-locks to save energy. But you can go to settings and change it to auto-lock less frequently or you can set it to never auto-lock.

What causes your headlights to stay on even when the key is out of the ignition and the headlight switch is in the off position on a 99 dodge neon?

Your headlights might stay on even when the key is removed from the ignition and the switch is off because this is a safety feature in the 1999 Dodge Neon. You can use your vehicle's manual to find out how to turn off this feature if it bothers you. The lights should shut off after a few minutes.

Your headlights will not shut off on a 99 dodge Dakota what could cause this and how can you fix it?

replace the head light switch

What causes a car to shut down while driving?

when the engine dies

What causes Taurus to shut off when heater or defrost is cut on?

car cuts off

Does the 1999 dodge caravan have a feature to save your battery if you leave your lights on accidentally?

Yes. The headlights shut off after a couple minutes if the ignition is off.

What causes headlights to go off and on when key switch is on?

its to conserve power to start veh. with full voltage to starter headlights will come on after starting car

What causes a 2001 Chrysler Sebring V6 3.0 to run with headlights left on but ignition turned off even with the keys removed?

I have a 2002 Chrysler Sebring convertible. If you turn off the ignition and remove the key while the headlights are on, then turn off the headlights, the headlights will stay on for 30 seconds and turn off. You can avoid this by turning the lights off before you turn off the car or by switching them on and off again.

Why do dodge ram 1500 headlights randomly turn off and on even if they are not on?

If lights randomly go off, there is likely a wiring issue. Using a voltmeter or ammeter may find a break in the wire or a short circuit of some kind. A fuse could also be loose.

Why did my 1998 mountaineer V8 shut off when you turned on your headlights while doing 50 MPH?

your battery and/or alternator has malfunctioned

How do I set the headlights to shut off automatically on the infinity I35?

check to see if you have an "Auto" setting, I have a 2003 and that works on mine.

Why would your headlights on your 1999 Mustang go off and on randomly?

Loose connection SOMEWHERE. It could be a defective DRL (daytime Running Light) module

Why do your car's headlights come on randomly throughout the day and during the night when the car is off and the keys aren't in the ignition?

Check the door closed sensors