What causes high hemoglobin?


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The effects of high corpuscular hemoglobin are seen with COPD which can cause difficulty breathing. The most common causes of high hemoglobin are high altitudes and smoking.

RBCs are made up of hemoglobin, therefore if the hematocrit is high you should expect a high hemoglobin determination.

HIV is a virus that causes AIDS. It does not result from abnormal hemoglobin or abnormal hemoglobin levels.

A high hematocrit indicates a high percentage of red blood cells and therefore high hemoglobin.

No, asthma is related to low hemoglobin.

High hemoglobin could mean any one of many things.Decreased heart, lung function, or kidney function.Kidneys making too much erythropoietin.Some drugs stimulate production.Bone marrow dysfunction.High altitude.SmokingAnd some more rarer causesFrom the single symptom of high hemoglobin, I can't determine what the specific cause is.

Low hemoglobin in the body is called as anemia which has many causes for it. Whatever the cause, low hemoglobin causes reduced oxygen carrying capacity and makes a person easily tired, breathless and weak.

A high hemoglobin may be caused by polycythemia vera, a disease in which too many red blood cells are made.

There is no correlation between hemoglobin and lung cancer. A high or low hemoglobin can mean any number of conditions; people with lung cancer can have any level of hemoglobin depending on situation and other conditions.

Low hemoglobin levels in the blood is indicative of anemia. Some of the causes include pregnancy, cancer, kidney disease, an enlarged spleen, cirrhosis or leukemia.

Is hemoglobin level at 152 considered high for a 52 year old male ?

U think that continuious use of alcohol causes a drop in hemoglobin levels. Is that right

It could mean your RBC count is high, and your blood is thick........You need plasma. You may have a disorder that causes your plasma to be low or that causes your RBC count to be high. It also could mean, If you are an endurance athlete, that you are "blood doping" with hemopoitin in order to augment your oxygen carrying capacity.

This information can be used to help physician's diagnose and monitor anemia (a low hemoglobin level) and polycythemia vera (a high hemoglobin level).

Well, the high concentration of hemoglobin is what gives our blood its red color. More specifically, the porphyrin functional group in the hemoglobin structure is what gives hemoglobin (and oxy-hemoglobin) its red hue.DO NOT LET ANYONE TELL YOU THAT HEMOGLOBIN IS RED BECAUSE OF THE IRON IN THE CENTER OF ITS STRUCTURE. THEY WOULD BE LYING TO YOU.

Hemoglobin carries oxygen within the red blood cell. It causes the blood to be more efficient at oxygen transport.

hemoglobin low is called anemia. 1. hemolytic anemia. 2. iron deficiency anemia. 3. A. plastic anemia. 4. magaloblastic anemia. any causes in blood than hemoglobin low. ARIF HUSSAIN (M.Sc. Hemotology & blood bank)

One cause is a defect in the body's systems to reduce methemoglobin to hemoglobin. The other cause is a mutant form of hemoglobin called hemoglobin M that cannot bind to oxygen.

A low hemoglobin test can indicate many different things about a person's health. The most common causes of a low hemoglobin test are anemia and vitamin deficiencies.

Having hypothyroidism can affect your hemoglobin levels because the low levels of thyroid causes the hemoglobin levels to drop too. These are also linked to B12 deficiency and macrocytic anemia.

Decrease hemoglobin might result from thalassemia, iron deficiency anemia, or anemia of chronic disease. There are many infectious, genetic, and nutritional causes of low hemoglobin.

High Hemoglobin would allow you to carry more oxygen. so i don't think it would cause fatigue. High hemoglobin can most definitely cause fatigue. I thought the same as the above answer until I was diagnosed with it BECAUSE of fatigue. But as is the case many times, too much of a good thing is bad for you. Causes are varied, from blood disorders to living in high altitude to simply not getting enough sleep (or not sleeping well such as if you have sleep apnea). It can also be dangerous as it can clog your arteries if not kept in check. See your doctor!!

A low hemoglobin level can be caused by bleeding disorders such as Aplastic Anemia, and other bleeding disorders. Low hemoglobin levels can also be caused by an injury that causes blood loss.

Anemia is a decrease in the oxygen-carrying ability of the blood. causes decreaes in rbc number inadaquate hemoglobin content in rbc abnormal hemoglobin in rbc.... human anatomy classic

normally hb is approximately 1/3 of hematocrit

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