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What causes marks on the side of the tongue?

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It could be the result of a spleen deficiency

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What do circular swirling marks on right side of the tongue mean?


Why do you get teeth marks on tongue?

teeth marks on tongue often indicate spleen deficiency.

What causes deep indentations on the side of your tongue?

Spleen Qi Deficiency causes indentations or what looks like tooth marks on the side of your tongue. Symptoms include: Lethargy Dizziness Tired eyes Dislike cold greasy foods Headache after exertion Symptoms are worse in the morning Abdominal discomfort which feels better when pressure is applied Indigestion Bloating and gas Weak limbs

What is it called if you have two tongue rings?

If they're in the middle of your tongue, they're just double center tongue piercings. If they're side by side, on either side of your tongue, they're venom tongue piercings.


What causes the tongue to twitch? My husbands tongue used to do that alot. I haven't noticed it in a long time. I was wondering if crack cocaine causes it. He used to do that before we were married.

What causes a red blotchy tongue?

could you please tell me whqat causes a red blotchy tongue ?

Can cupping cause side effects?

Cupping causes blood to be drawn to the surface of the skin, which can cause red marks, swelling, and bruising.

Why is Side of tongue black and what are the purple bumps on tongue near the back?

the side of our tongue is black because that is were our nerves are at and all those little purple bumps on your tongue is the taste buds.

What pokemon has a long tongue and has ringlike marks on the front of its legs?


What causes taste to leave the tongue?

maibe because you left food in your tongue

What causes bumps on tongue?


What causes tongue swelling?


What muscle retracts the tongue?

styloglossus: retracts the tongue, elevates side

What part of the tongue tastes salty?

the left side of the tongue ;) ;D

What causes the sides of your tongue to swell causing poor speech?

My tongues on the right side gets rough and scratchy and the inside of my jaw turns black. My tongue becomes very sensitive and anything I put in my mouth is irritating. This comes and goes but always on the right side of my mouth.

What causes blood on tongue in morning?

wake up every morning with blood on my tongue

What causes blue under the tongue?

blue vanes, blue under the tongue i have it too

What causes small bumps to cover the surface of the tongue?

The taste buds are the bumps on your tongue

What causes ulcers on tongue?

Ulcers in the tongue are caused by having less vitamins in the body.

What causes your tongue to swell?

your tongue usually swells when it get hurt, ex. if you bite your tongue, if you are having an allergic reaction, etc.

What causes bad breath in children?


Can ear infection cause numnbess of one side of tongue?

Can ear infection cause numnbess of one side of tongue?

What causes bleach marks on towels?


What causes a red sore tongue?

Thrush a yeast infection in your mouth Answer The red sore on a tongue is one of the symptoms of canker sore on tongue.

What causes black dots on your tongue?

it is ur face making stupid black dots on ur tongue

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