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Generally the temperature of the material. Pressure can change the temperatures at which transformations occur.

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What is the state of matter of a liquid?

The state of matter of a liquid is - well - a liquid.  The four states of matter are solid, liquid, gas, and plasma.

Is a solid a substance?

No: solid is a state of matter. A substance can be in solid and/or liquid and/or gaseous state.

A state of matter having a definite shape and a definite volume?

The state of matter is actually to states of matter. Solid and liquid are the states of matter that have a volume,(liquid) and shape(solid).

What state of matter is in between solid and gas?

The state of a matter which isn't solid and isn't gas is liquid.

Is frosting a solid or a liquid?

It is in the liquid crystalline state of matter.

What is the change of matter from a liquid to solid is called?

When matter changes from a liquid to a solid the change of state is called "freezing." When it changes from solid to liquid it is called "melting".

How can matter be change from a liquid to a solid?

Matter changes from a liquid state to a solid state through solidification, or freezing. For example, liquid water freezes to become ice.

Which state has a shape of its own?

Solid matter is the state of matter that has a shape of its own. Gas is a state of matter that has no size or shape. The third state of matter is liquid.

What state of matter does it take when solid melts?

Solid matter turns into a liquid when it melts.

Liquid state of matter?

The three basic states of matter are: solid, liquid, and gas.

Does evaporation cause a chemical change?

No, evaporation causes a change in the state of matter (liquid to solid) which is a physical change

What state of matter is a snowflake?

There are 3 states of matter, solid, liquid and gas. It is neither gas or a liquid, so it has to be solid.

What is the state of matter that usually occurs between a solid and a gas?

Liquid is between solid and gaseous state of matter

What happens when a substance changes state from a solid or liquid?

This change in the state of matter (liquid to solid) is called freezing.This change in the state of matter (solid to liquid) is called melting.They are physical change, the chemical nature of the molecules is not changed.

When a substance goes from a solid to liquid?

This change in the state of matter (solid to liquid) is called melting.

Properties of matter and changes in their state?

properties of matter: 1.Matter occupies space 2.IT has density Change in state : Liquid to solid= Freezing or solidification : solid to gas = sublimation : solid to liquid = melting : gas to liquid = condensation : liquid to gas = evaporation

What is the general state of matter?

The general state of matter is solid, liquid, gas, and plasma.

What is the melting point of matter?

The temperature at which the matter goes from a solid state to a liquid state.

What state of matter has less energy solid or liquid?

Solid. The molecules are not moving as quickly because of it's state of matter. That's why it is a solid.

What state of matter is oil?

If you mean physical state, than it is liquid. There are three states of matter, mainly solid, liquid and gas.

What are the threestate of matter?

the three state of matter are solid, liquid , and gas

How does matter changes its state?

the matter can change into liquid, solid and gas.

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