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Energy in general, for example Heat turns ice to water to gas.


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Energy. When it came and when it leaves...

energy causes motion wich causes change in the matter

Temperature and pressureand also heat energy!

Temperature. Temperature causes matter to change state.

a change of temperature causes the particles to rearrange creating a new state

Yes, matter can change states after a physical change.

Matter causes a change in state

Matter changes by the states of matter .

you change it by putting them together

Physical changes, such as the change from ice to water to steam; the compound remains as H2O in all three states.

Heat, energy and temperature.

Yes, state of water change. It changes into all the three states of matter.

change of state is when the different states of matter are changed into one another. states of matter are gas, liquid, plasma and solid.

Temperature causes the matter to exist in three different states. They are Solid, Liqid and Gas. If temperature is increased matter changes into gas and if temperature is decreased it changes into solid.

It is typically called a phase change. :)

It causes matter to change by turning water into gas which is vaporization. water into ice and burning wood into ash.

No, evaporation causes a change in the state of matter (liquid to solid) which is a physical change

Provided all of the matter is accounted for, then no.

all three states of matter can do this.

It causes matter to change by turning the water into gas which is vaporization, turning water into ice.

Scattering is an interaction of light with matter that causes light to change its energy, direction of motion, or both. so the plain answer is scattering the particles.

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