What causes mental blackouts?

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advanced alcoholism, dementia, alzheimers, depression, schizophrenia, mental exhaustion, repressed memories of traumatic experiences, narcolepsy...
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What causes a blackout?

Blackouts can be caused by a number of things. A trauma, overindulging in alcohol or drugs, or cardiac arrhythmias are just afew reasons for a blackout.

Can abuse cause blackouts?

\n. \n. \nBoth alcohol abuse and repeated physical abuse can cause blackouts. The mechanism is different, but the effect is similar: failure to recall recent events.

What causes human blackouts?

Human Blackouts are often caused by either Lack of Food, or Drug and Alcohol use. The Early Signs of a Blackout include; Dizziness, Tunnel-vision, Blurriness of Vision and Com

Does stress cause blackouts?

Well, there is a possibility that stress could cause blackouts, but only under extreme stress. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen.

What is a blackout caused by?

A blackout in terms of a person is caused by a very rapid increasein a person's blood-alcohol concentration. This impairs long termmemory creation which makes a person unable

Does epilepsy causes blackouts in a person?

There are a wide range of types of seizures and how they affect people. Some seizures do result in people losing consciousness, so it can happen. However, the periods of uncon
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How is a blackout caused?

When too mutch power(elecirty) is used at the same time but.a powerblink happens when the power goes out for a socend or a hour

Can the sun cause blackouts?

If a solar flare is large enough, it can cause a geo-magnetic storm near the Earth's polar regions. This can, and has, led to electrical grid systems being overwhelmed to the

How do tornadoes cause blackouts?

Tornadoes cause blackouts by bringing down power lines, either byknocking trees into them or by directly knocking over or evenblowing away utility poles.