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Some of the bacteria known to cause urinary tract infections (UTI's) have an enzyme that change nitrate to nitrite. A positive nitrite test indicates that bacteria may be present in significant numbers in urine.




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How are pregnant women with GBS in their urine treated?

Pregnant women with GBS in their urine are treated with penicillin.

Does the urine leave the vagina in women?


Is it okay to drink women urine?


Which magazine gives free perfume samples?

Most of the women magazines include free perfume samples in their monthly magazine issues. Magazines such as Vogue, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Glamour, and Allure always include free perfume samples for both men and women.

What is the name of the part from where the women do urine?

the urethra

How a women conformed as pregnant?

Urine test

How accurate are chlamydia tests using urine samples for women?

The rates of false negative and false positive chlamydia tests for various types of tests are as follows (see related link):Becton-Dickinson NAAT female urine: 1% false positive; 19.5% false negativeGen Probe NAAT female urine: 1.1% false positive; 5.3% false negative

What perfumes attract women to women?

the answer may surprise you, but it is wolverine urine. studies show that 67% of women favor wolverine urine over any other perfume or aroma that has been manufactured.

What is epithl cel squa in urine test?

Lower one third of urethra (the last tube leading urine stream from bladder to outside) and the epithelium lining the vagina in a woman are lined by flat cells known as squamous epithelial cells. All cells in the body are shed off regularly and at higher rate when there is infection or inflammation. In a woman the urine samples usually get contaminated by a little of vaginal secretions which has abundant squamous epithelial cells.These cells are shed in small numbers in men. When urine is examined these cells if present are identified and reported usually as +. ++. +++ etc depending upon their numbers. By themselves they are not diagnostic but help in deciding about the extent of vaginal contamination in urine samples for culture in women.

How women passes urine Do you have any video of this?


Where does the flow of blood in women and urine pass?


Is it safe for women to drink men's urine?

Urine can be drunk but its still body waste containing water.

Can women hold the urine longer than men?

Because men have larger bladders than women, it would make sense that men can hold their urine longer.

What std causes cloudy urine?

Chlamydia does that. This was taken from Chlamydia Symptoms Up to 90% of women and men with chlamydia do not have symptoms. The time between exposure to chlamydia and the start of symptoms

Is there a difference between men and women urine?

Yes a men's urine comes from a penis, a woman's from a vagina!(: x

What did Aztec women do on daily basis?

Rinsed their hair with urine

Can a man use a women urine to pass a drug test?


Can pregnant women face incontinence of urine?

In women the pelvic floor muscles can become weak post delivery. Hence not always post delivery of baby, this occurs in case of some women face after second delivery this might happen. This causes urine incontinence. These problems are not uncommon and can be managed with superior incontinence protection pads which are available in the market. If any of your loved ones is facing this disorder resort to pads and help them.

Who causes more car accidents men or women?


What do you mean by urine incontinence?

Urine incontinence is a condition when you do not have any control over the bladder and it cause involuntary urine leaks. It could happen to both men and women.

What tube carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body?

The tube is called a urethra. The tube called the urethra allows urine to leave the bladder and exit the body. Both men and women have a urethra. In women, it carries only urine. In men, it can carry semen or urine. The urethra should not be confused with the ureter, which is a tube that delivers urine from the kidneys to the bladder.

What causes women to smoke marijuana while pregnant?

Nobody knows what causes women to smoke marijuana while they are pregnant.

Do all women have urethras?

Yes.The urethra is the tube which moves urine out of the body and is present in all women (and men).

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