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What causes numbness on the neck behind the right ear?

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Organs of the body are attached to the spine and there are also nerve endings to contend with. You could have slept wrong (scrunched up on your pillow) tossed and turned all night without realizing it. If you sleep wrong or even slightly injure yourself at work or at home you could have injured a nerve or bruised the nerve causing the lack of blood flow. This is usually not serious, but if it continues for more than 3 weeks then you should see a specialist about it.

2006-08-31 18:42:05
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Q: What causes numbness on the neck behind the right ear?
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What is the cause of numbness in neck and behind the ears?


Ear neck numbness?

The most common cause of ear and neck numbness is a pinched nerve in the neck or back. Injury can also cause numbness in these areas.

Is having a moveable lump on lower neck causing numbness in upper right side of back?


Is numbness in the fingertips a symptom of whiplash?

Numbness in the fingertips is not a symptom of whiplash. Symptoms of whiplash include: Neck pain, Neck swelling, Tenderness along the back of your neck, and Muscle spasms (in the side or back of your neck).

Can a neck problem cause numbness in feet?

can a neck problem cause numbess in feet

What causes numbness in upper triceps area?

Sometimes inflammation putting pressure on nerves will do this or pressure may be put on the nerves as they pass between the vertebrae in the neck.

Can shoulder neck pain cause right sided numbness?

Yes, particularly in older people. A pinched nerve in the spine at the neck can cause both neck pain and numbness of the areas served by this branch of the spine.Google cervical radiculopathy.A person with this condition, when accompanied by numbness, should see a doctor (preferably a neurologist) immediately because it can quickly do permanent damage. When you call for an appointment, explain that you have an area that is numb and need to be seen quickly.

What are the causes of neck pulsation?

what are causes of pulsating in the neck

What is the small lump on your neck behind your right ear?

That is your mastoid bone. Or at least it should be.

What are the symptoms of radiculopathy in neck and upper spine?

Radiculopathy, or nerve compression, usually presents with numbness, tingling, and even pain. Patients with radiculopathy of the cervical spine (neck) usually present with neck and shoulder pain, and/or numbness/tingling that can go down the arm.

How many auto mobile passengers suffer neck injuries when struck by cars from behind?

Many automobile passengers suffer neck injuries when struck by cars from behind, due to the force of the accident. This type of injury is called a whiplash and actually causes displacement of the neck vertebrae as well as injuring the muscles in the neck.

What Causes of pain on the lower right side of neck and back of the neck?

Sounds like a neck strain and/or misalignment in the neck. Misalignments put pressure on nerves, and that causes pain. If you strained a muscle perhaps in the lower right neck it typically will affect the nerves on that side, causing neck pain in that area. For some good exercises and stretches go to this site:

Is it a seizure symptoms?

funny feeling behind right eye and down right side of neck. Lasting all day

What are the signs of whiplash?

Symptoms of whiplash include pain in the back and neck, headaches, numbness and in severe cases-dizziness. Below is an article with a full list of possible symptoms and the causes of whiplash.

What causes sharp jabbing pains in the right side of neck?

Most likely cause of sharp "jabbing" pains in the side of the neck are muscle spasms...

Sharp pain in left temple last 5 - 10 seconds no lasting effects does not affect eye slight numbness in nose?

Sharp pains in the left temple may need to be addressed by a doctor if they persist. Especially any pain that causes numbness in the face or neck should be checked out.

What causes pain in the right lower neck that radiates to the shoulder?

This is in the area where the pulse can be detected and is worse when exercising.

Does neck nerve impingement cause numbness in hands?

Yes, it might. the nerves supplying the whole arm originate the neck segments of the spinal cord.

Where is your favorite place to be kissed?

On the neck right behind my ears. That and on my back. It gives me shivers everywhere and drives me crazy!!

Shoulder pain and numbness in index finger?

Shoulder pain and numbness in the index finger could be a sign of a pinched nerve in the neck. It could also be a symptom of a herniated disc.

What causes common neck pain?

Foramina stenosis, cervical osteoarthritis, stenosis with myelopathy and cervical degenerative disc disease are all common causes of neck pain. Any of these ailments could be responsible for causing the severe neck pain while turning one's head to the right.

What causes right arm neck and jaw pain?

Could be heart related, go to your primary care physician.

What causes a Pea sized hard lump on right side of neck?

It could have many causes: a bug bite, a cyst... You need to see a doctor to be sure.

Where is the temperature sensor on a 1989 Camaro?

On the intake manifold, right behind the water neck housing for the top radiator hose.

Why do you have some pain and numbness in the back of your neck?

Ask your medical doctor for a X-rayof your vertebral column